Couple Gets Married Minutes Before Woman Gives Birth

A couple in New Jersey recently got married in a hospital room, literally minutes before they welcomed their first child into the world.

There was a time not too long ago when an unmarried couple having a baby was simply not okay in the eyes of many. If a woman became pregnant outside of wedlock, she would rush to get married to the father-to-be or even keep her pregnancy a secret for as long as humanly possible. While that belief is still held by some, it is not as strictly enforced as it used to be by most.

That being said, in many parts of the world, couples still like to do things in a particular order. Marriage usually comes before children for most. In the case of Michael Gallardo and Marie Margaritondo, they decided to cut it extremely fine when it came to the gap between those two things.

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Michael and Marie planned on getting married two weeks before the arrival of their first child, reports CNN. On top of that, two days before their wedding day they moved into a new home. Talk about a busy schedule. However, babies don't tend to abide by a strict schedule. While moving house, Marie went into labor.

via CNN

When the couple arrived at the hospital shortly after, they discovered that Michael could not be Marie's proxy as they weren't married. The couple then asked if there was a chaplain in the hospital and after medical staff realized they weren't joking, they sprung into action. Since Michael had luckily already picked up their marriage license, a little while later, they were happily married.

As soon as the couple said "I do," Marie was wheeled out of the room and straight to the OR. Minutes later, baby Michael was born via cesarean section. For most couples, it can take years to meticulously plan a marriage, birth, and new house together. For Michael and Marie, they managed to knock out all three life goals on pretty much the same day. Life goals at their absolute finest.


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