Couple In New Mexico Saved Their Son's Life When He Stopped Breathing

Dad gives his son CPR and it saves his life!


Julie Hoyt was watching a movie with her husband while holding her one week old son, James. They were enjoying their movie, but their innocent movie night turned into a nightmare when Julie said she looked down and her son was completely blue. Her little child was not breathing and she wasn't sure how long her hadn't been breathing.

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She screamed at her husband that her child was blue and that he was dying. Her husband jumped up and grabbed the little boy from her arms. He immediately started doing CPR to the young baby. Julie called 9-1-1 and told them that her son was not breathing and that her husband was doing CPR. Sergeant Adam Rogers of the San Juan County Sheriff's Office got the call and he knew that they were trying to do CPR for the young baby.

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Rogers was not very optimistic at this point. Through his career he has given CPR to over 20 people and yet he has only been able to save two of the people. Usually by the time that he gets there and starts doing CPR it is too late to save the person's life. Rogers thought he was going to enter into a horrifying scene and that he was going to have to tell this couple that their one week old son had passed away. When Rogers walked into the home he said it was the best moment. He could hear the little boy gasp for air as if he wanted to start crying. It was such an amazing moment.

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Little James was transferred to the hospital and he was diagnosed  with respiratory syncytial virus. James was especially susceptible to contracting this virus, because babies who are premature are way more likely to be diagnosed. James surprised his parents by being four weeks early. James could have easily died that day, but was saved by his father's quick thinking and his training. First responders are continually pleading with parents to learn how to save their child if they are choking, or if they stop breathing. Thankfully this dad knew what to do!

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