Couple Secretly Turns Baby's Baptism Into Surprise Wedding

For a lot of couples, throwing multiple and expensive parties to help celebrate or mark special occasions simply isn’t in their budget. So why not just take to celebratory occasions and mold them into one? That’s what one couple did when they invited their close family members and friends to help celebrate their daughter’s christening. But what their guests didn’t know was that they were also invited to a surprise wedding, too.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Laura Djamalis’ family and friends were quite worried when the young mother disappeared during the middle of her daughter’s christening ceremony. However, she soon reappeared wearing a beautiful wedding dress and veil with her father walking her down the aisle. Little did the 70 guests know that Laura and her fiancé Danny Roberts had actually planned a surprise wedding during the baptism of their 7-month-old daughter, Winter.

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Following the service at Our Lady and St. Joseph’s Parish in Heywood, England, Laura temporarily stepped out of the church just so she could quickly get dressed and come back as a bride-to-be. The stunned guests clapped and cheered with some of them even crying as they watched her walked down the aisle with her father right by her side.

Apparently, the only people who knew about the surprise wedding included Laura’s sister Nichola, her partner Luke, Danny’s uncle Paul and Laura’s two parents Mike and Pat.

Laura, who also works as a school administrator, said that keeping this surprise from her loved ones was very hard. She said, “It was really hard to keep it a secret. I'm the worst secret-keeper in the world. But no one suspected a thing. After the christening had finished, we'd wet the baby's head and had given her a big cheer. Then I said to my sister 'can you help me change her bum?' And I said to my dad 'can you get my baby changing bag?' (to get them out of the church) - No one had any idea what was going on."

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That’s when Laura, Nichola and Mike all ran out of the church quickly to change their clothes for their surprise wedding. The priest told the congregation that they were to be remained seated as Danny and Laura also had something to share with them. The moment that the organ began to play ‘Here Comes the Bride,' Nichola and Winter walked in font of us, with everyone cheering from behind.

Laura added that while she’s happy everything went off without a hitch, she didn’t want to overshadow her daughter’s big day. She added, “We didn't want Winter to be the add-on, we wanted to be the add-on. We wanted to make a quick gesture of our love and commitment. I'm so happy to marry Danny, he's like my best friend. We pulled it off."

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