Couple Uses An Air Show To Host Their Gender Reveal

One of the best gender reveals happened recently at the St. Joseph, Montana air show. The excited couple was able to figure out the gender of their baby at the same time as their friends and family. It was a great experience for the thousands of people attending the air show that day.

Grace and Brandon Kusilek are expecting their first child. They wanted to know the gender, but wanted to find it out in a really cool way.  They asked their friend, Bob Carlton,  if he could fly a plane during the air show and reveal the gender of the baby. At around 20 weeks Grace was given an envelope from the ultrasound technician that informed the couple of the gender. Grace didn't look at the results and handed them right to the pilot.

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Carlton was in charge of buying the pink smoke in order to surprise the family. “As it turns out, the whole base and the whole community has embraced this," Carlton said. "And it was pretty hard to keep this a secret from Grace and Brandon when everyone else is so pumped about it. So it was an awesome experience, it was a lot of fun to do.”

Grace and Brandon were surrounded by their family and friends as they figured out the gender of their new baby. They looked up into the sky as Carlton flew the plane in a beautiful formation as pleasant music played. The family screamed in excitement as they saw pink smoke streak arcross the sky and the family figured out that they would be expecting a baby girl. “Beautiful. It was so beautiful," Jennifer Kusilek, Grace's mother said. " I mean the music, and then he did this beautiful ballet with it. And I just started weeping, it was just amazing.” Jennifer went on to say how excited she was to be able to start going shopping for her new little granddaughter. Grace was ecstatic to be able to find out that she was having a little baby girl and to feel the love from her family. Grace said, "There doesn’t feel like many words, it’s just amazing,"

What a great experience for the Kusilek family. They are going to make amazing parents and that new little girl has so many people to love her. We wish the couple the best of luck as they become parents! Good luck you guys and congratulations on the baby girl!

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