Couple Uses Social Media To Adopt Baby Found In Dumpster

In what seems like something straight out of a movie, a couple recently adopted an abandoned baby girl after locating her through social media. Indian filmmaker Vinod Kapri and his wife, journalist Sakshi Joshi, felt called to after they discovered a viral video via Twitter showing an infant that had been abandoned in a garbage dump.

“I couldn't watch the whole video -- I could hear [the baby] crying and that was enough," Kapri told CNN, while his wife added, "Our conversation suddenly shifted to: 'We should adopt her.” Since the couple had no idea where the video had been taken or if it was authentic, they reached out to their followers to learn more about the abandoned baby, telling them they would adopt the girl if they could find her.

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It only took a couple of hours for the couple’s posts to go viral, with many online users providing the pair hints and clues to the baby’s whereabouts. "Everybody on Twitter was keen to find the girl," Joshi explained. "Twitter had the biggest role in the whole story."

Eventually, with the help of social media and their journalistic sources, Kapri and Joshi discovered the girl had been found in Rajasthan. The baby was in serious condition at a local hospital in the city of Nagaur. She weighed only 3.5 pounds at the time. "Then we had a long chat with the doctor, and we told him we had the intention of adopting the baby,” Kapri continued. Upon an invitation from the doctor, the couple drove over 500km to come see the little girl in-person.

Since then, Kapri and Joshi have been keeping their followers updated via their social media accounts. They revealed that they were never planning on adopting a child, but that this story seemed like fate. n the meantime, they asked their Twitter followers about the adoption process. "We never had any intention of adopting a baby. I'm already 46," Kapri said.

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“We started researching and we found out that adoption is quite tedious and long in India,” she added. However, the parents-to-be aren’t letting the long application process deter them from taking the little girl home. They’ve shared countless photos of them and the baby on social media and have added they’ve already begun the process. They’ve also been present at all of her medical appointments.

Even more, Kapri and Joshi have already named their new addition- with the help of Twitter, of course. The little girl is now officially known as Pihu, which several social media users suggested because of Kapri’s connection to the moniker. "It's the name of a bird and a film I directed. The main character has a 2-year-old," he explained. Well, that seems like the perfect name!

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