Couple Who Braved Hurricane Harvey For IVF Recalls Their Journey

A couple receiving IVF braved the storm of Hurricane Harvey to receive their treatment. It has been about a year since the hurricane and the couple is recalling their experience.

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas on August 25th, 2017. Harvey was a category 4 hurricane with winds as fast as 130 mph. Houston was devastated by massive amounts of flooding.

Rocio and Alfred Zuniga were undergoing fertility treatments. Their IVF procedure was scheduled to be done on August 26, 2017.  They woke up that morning at around 6 a.m where Harvey's aftermath was in full force. The hurricane had turned into a tropical storm, but the flooding was devastating. Thankfully Rocio and Alfred's home was spared, but the trip to their medical facility was in bad shape.

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Rocio and Alfred left their home and started driving to their medical facility, but they didn't make it very far before they had to stop. There was water as far as they could see. They would have to get out of their car and walk through the water to get to their IVF appointment. Nothing was going to stop the couple from making it to the doctor's office.

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Rocio and Alfred slowly inched their way through the knee-high water. They had to cling onto fences, poles and other objects to stay afloat. As they got closer to the medical facility the water began to rise. It got all the way up to their necks. Eventually, Rocio had to piggyback on Alfred in order to get through the water. The couple estimates that they were in the water for over 2 hours.

Rocio told USA Today, "the way we saw it, those were our babies. We had sacrificed so much to actually save up and do this procedure. We were not going to let anything stop us. I was an emotional wreck." They were both tired, shivering, and giving up hope. They were trying to give each other words of encouragement. They had since lost their phones and at one point they thought, "maybe it's not meant to be."

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Just as Rocio was about to give up they saw a boat. She told US Today, "I was in survivor mode. I was crying. I was cold. I was scared. Everything. We both were. My husband wasn’t showing it, but he was too." The couple on the boat drove them to a place where they could get to the medical facility. Thankfully, at that point, it was a dry and a straight path to the medical office.

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Rocio and Alfred arrived at the facility after their ideal window of time, but they still had to try. All of the staff was amazed by their grit and courage. The beautiful couple was given their treatment and they found a ride back to their home. To their surprise, the procedure stuck! They were pregnant and they soon found out they would be having twins. Rocio and Alfred are now proud parents of little Elijah and Abigail. This story truly proves the sincere love of parents for their children.

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