Couple Who Used A Surrogate Changed Their Mind After Seeing Their Newborn Baby

A couple who had been desperately trying for a baby turned to surrogacy only to be so unpleasantly surprised after the baby's birth, they changed their minds about taking him home. It turns out the man wasn't the father and it was very obvious.

A Reddit post revealed the difficult situation when the husband took to the site for some advice and shared his story. The man and his wife were delighted to finally have a child. They tried for years to get pregnant, attempted IVF, and suffered through three miscarriages. The wife was now 43 years old and unable to become pregnant due to her polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS.

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Turning to surrogacy, the man and wife had their sperm and egg fertilized and implanted inside of a surrogate's uterus. Everything was going well during the pregnancy the couple was "so excited" until the baby was born with dark hair, dark eyes, and Asian features. The couple is caucasian. Suspecting something was up, they asked for a paternity test and discovered that the man was in fact not the father.

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The fertility clinic made a mistake and used the wrong sperm when fertilizing the egg. This changed it all for the confused couple. The couple, especially the husband, were upset and they ultimately decided they didn't want to keep the baby after all.

As with many Reddit posts, this was a hotly debated topic. Many users berated the man for denying the baby saying if the baby had been white, they never would have questioned paternity or cared. Others argued and questioned why it mattered since they wanted a baby and biologically and the baby does belong to his wife.

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The man stated they wanted a child to be biologically both of theirs and would still be upset if the baby had been white. The fertility clinic wanted the couple to keep it quiet and not go to the media and even offered them money to ensure secrecy. The surrogate was just as upset when she found out what happened but was also unable to care for the child since she already has five kid, and well, wasn't planning on keeping this baby ever.

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Ultimately the couple decided to place the baby up for adoption and is working with the agency to find a loving and suitable home. This definitely a tough situation you would never expect to be in. What would you do?



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