Courtney Cox Shares Her Determination To Become A Mother Even Through Severe Infertility Issues

Courtney Cox creates a Netflix documentary to help others understand the truth behind infertility issues and her personal struggle she faced.

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"The One With The Fertility Test." In 2002, we all were broken when Chandler told Monica that they were not going to be able to have a baby on their own. They had completed the fertility test and they found out that both of them had "issues" resulting in infertility. We all cried with them, because the emotion was raw. It felt real. It felt like Courtney Cox was just being told that she would never be a mother. We felt like F.R.I.E.N.D.S had entered into a real life moment (which they didn't do often) and it was deep.

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Little did we know that Monica's raw emotion was a real emotion being experienced by Courtney Cox. All she wanted to do was be a mother and she refused to let any of her struggles stop her from being a mom. Courtney decided to create a Netflix documentary that follows women through their infertility struggles and Cox opens up about her personal struggles.


Courtney spent many years trying to have a baby. She went through many miscarriages and she even tried to go through several IVF treatments. She tried to do everything she could to be able to become a mother and there were times that she thought that it was never going to happen, but she refused to give up hope. She felt like she was going to be such a good mother and she always felt like she should be a mom. Cox was able to finally carry her baby to full term and she delivered a healthy baby girl when she was 40 years old.

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Cox said that her daughter is 14 years old now, but the trauma that she went through during her infertility struggles will never leave her. She will always be haunted by the remorse for all of the sweet babies that she lost. She wanted to start opening up about her struggles, because so many women are going through the same struggles. Miscarriage is often not talked about and Cox wants to start making the discussion of miscarriages to be less taboo and more accepted. She said it really shouldn't be a topic that we avoid.

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