Cousins True Thompson & Chicago West Snack On Cheetos In Adorable New Photos

Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian took their two sweet toddlers to the Bahamas and shared the cutest pictures!

Khloe and Kim Kardashian decided to take a fun trip to the Bahamas! Khloe took her 14-month-old daughter, True, and Kim took her 17-month-old daughter, Chicago! It was going to be a fun girls trip! They had a lot of fun lounging around on the amazing beaches and the mothers share a serious of snapshots of the girls enjoying their time on the beach. A few of the pictures were shown sitting on their beach chairs drinking from glasses of water. True Thompson is rocking a leopard print swimsuit with white sunglasses. Chicago is wearing a black swimsuit that has white lace at the top. The girls are both looking fashionable.

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Our favorite picture of the toddlers is when they are eating snacks! Little Chicago is munching on some Cheeto Puffs while True is eating Garden Veggie Straws. Khloe wrote that she heard that "vacation calories don't count." The two little girls are obviously so stinking adorable and they obviously love each other so much. In almost all of the photos that were posted of that day was of the girls looking at each other. We can tell these girls are going to be best friends.

Khloe has been having a blast this Summer and said, "this Summer I am focused on ME!" Khloe has had a hard time recently after splitting with her ex, Travis Thompson after news broke out that he had cheated on Khloe with a family friend. It was a very public breakup that left their family in turmoil over the drama. Khloe has made sure to give True the best life possible even though she isn't too happy with Travis at the moment. She does say that Travis can come and visit his daughter whenever he wants. She has been a single mom though and has been trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible and bring her daughter on as many adventures as she can.

We have loved watching these girls grow up and we are excited to watch them get bigger and bigger! We know that they are going to be the best of friends and they will always have a close relationship.

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