10 Craziest Places Moms Have Given Birth

The delivery process is unpredictable; when a doctor gives a pregnant woman her due date, it's an estimate, and the actual day that the baby comes into the world is left largely up to the baby. He or she might stick around the womb a few extra days past the due date. Or, they might end up coming early.

It's usually the early births that throw moms for a loop. Those births that occur when the mother is out living life and not prepared to give birth. And you better believe that they can—and have—happened almost anywhere. Here are 10 of the craziest places moms have given birth.

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10 McDonald's

A California woman gave birth inside of a McDonald's this past Spring. The woman went into labor while inside of the fast-food chain and didn't have enough time to get to the hospital, so she had the baby right on the floor! Thankfully, emergency responders showed up to help the woman deliver a healthy baby boy.

Given the pregnancy cravings many expecting mothers experience, it's not really all that surprising that a pregnant woman finally gave birth inside of a McDonald's. But it's still really crazy.

9 Mall

You often hear of mothers going into nesting mode, during her last trimester. As her delivery date nears, she's busy getting everything prepared perfectly for the arrival of her baby. This could mean putting the finishing touches on her nursery or even picking up a few new baby clothes.

Long story short, pregnant women shop. A lot. One mother, who was presumably shopping for her own child, ended up giving birth inside of a mall entryway, surrounded by cops and onlookers. Talk about a special delivery!

8 Plane

If you're not comfortable with flying, any minor inconvenience will seem exasperated. Imaging how one pregnant woman felt when she went into labor, 30,000 feet in the air!

Earlier this year, a woman went into labor while flying Jet Blue. She was headed to Florida from Puerto Rico when her water broke mid-flight. Fortunately, for her, the flight was chock full of medical professionals, so her delivery was as safe as humanly possible, given the setting. This is why doctors often suggest not to fly during your third trimester!

7 Sheriff's Station

A jail cell is probably the very last place you'd ever want to deliver a child. Unfortunately, that was the fate one mentally ill woman, who'd been in jail for a month.

Despite that fact that her mental status was known, the woman was forced to give birth, alone, in her jail cell. Reports state that the woman had alerted officers of the fact that she was in pain around 3 a.m the day before, but no one intervened. The article suggests that woman could, and should, have been escorted to a hospital. However, the sheriffs instead reached out to an on-call doctor who arrived seven hours later.

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6 Live Stream

Nothing says the 21st century like live-streaming the birth of your child. Technically, this was the doings of the woman's husband, Fakamalo Kihe Eiki, a comedian. Because child delivery is... funny (?) Fakamalo decided to live stream his wife's delivery via Facebook in 2016.

Naturally, his decision was met with mixed reactions. Some people praised him for de-stigmatizing a process that happens every day, around the world. Some people, however, felt that moment should have been kept between the couple and their family.

5 Elevator

You've seen the TV shows in which someone gets trapped inside of a broken elevator. It's a terrifying experience, being suspended in mid-air, wondering if you're going to run out of oxygen before help arrives.

Think of that, then imagine being pregnant on top of that. Then imagine going into delivery. That was the plight of a woman named Katie, who was literally inside an elevator in her birthing center when it got stuck on the 13th floor. Fortunately, she was in the elevator with two nurses, who helped her deliver the baby.

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4 Art Gallery

Giving birth is the highest form of art... at least, that's according to one performance artist. Instead of using her pregnancy as a time to prepare for her baby's arrival, this expecting mother turned her journey into an art exhibit.

In addition to her pregnancy test and interesting depictions of children, she also eventually added a video of her birth to the exhibit, a decision that was met with much backlash.

3 Train

If you frequent most forms of public transportation, then you know they're not the optimal place to do... well... anything. They're loud, crowded, and filled with all kinds of germs. That means it's definitely one of the worst places to have a baby.

But sometimes, nature calls. This is what happened to a woman back in 2016. She'd been on a trip to visit her husband who was working out of state at the time. She was nearing her due date, but she felt that she had enough time to make it back home. She ended up going to labor during her ride. Fortunately, the conductor called for emergency services to meet her on the train, where she delivered a healthy baby.

2 Tree

While many of the stories on this list are lighthearted, this tale is totally heart wrenching. Earlier this year, a woman named Amelia climbed a tree with her son to escape rising flood waters in Mozambique.

While there, she went into labor. What could have ended up as a tragic story actually had a happy ending; though 700 people lost their lives in the floor, two days later, Amelia, her son, and her newborn baby were rescued.

1 Strip Club

Okay, so this one isn't quite as bad as it sounds. This particular mother wasn't in a strip club when she gave birth. She was on her way somewhere else, then went into labor in the car. Her husband pulled them over in the nearest parking lot. And it just happened to be a strip club. So, it wasn't really "in" a strip club so much as it was "near" one.

It's highly likely, though, that people will skip all of the details and just say that the person was born in a strip club. It's definitely the most interesting version.

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