15Indescribable Joy and Happiness

Having a baby is a joyous adventure. But nothing compares to that feeling you’ll experience when the nurse hands you your baby for the first time and you cradle him/her in your arms.

In life everybody experiences love, hate, loss, sorrow, success, failure, but the feeling you’ll get when you set

eyes on and hold your baby for the first time is a feeling that can’t be categorized. You’ll hold your baby, keep staring at your baby, then share the joy with your loved ones in the waiting room.

The special moment is when you touch your baby skin-to-skin for the first time. Put your finger in your baby’s hand and it will wrap around your finger – there’s that connection, the moment to saviour, but you won’t want to saviour it, you’ll be doing that time and time again over the next day or so - you’ll never get tired of that feeling.

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