10 Creative Baby Names Based On Colors

It's fun and adorable to teach toddlers how to name their colors, especially when you ask them what their favorite one is. But have you thought about colors as baby names?

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When you and your partner are flipping through baby name books or looking up websites, it can seem like there are way too many monikers that would suit your bundle of joy. Thinking about a baby name that's also the name of a color could be a cool and creative way to pick a great name that not everyone else is using.

Here are 10 creative baby names that are based on colors.

10 Russet

Russet is a creative baby name based on a color. This one could definitely be a girl's name, but it also sounds really nice as a boy's name.

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Chances are, if you tell people that you named your baby boy Russet, they might think that they misheard you and that you said "Russell." Of course, once you correct them, they'll be so impressed by your creative choice of a baby name. Russet has an artistic ring to it and that's awesome.

9 Teal

Nameberry.com says of the name Teal, "This name of both a grayish-greenish-blue color and a kind of wild duck can be used for both boys and girls." That's definitely helpful, and it's up to you whether you prefer this baby name for a girl or boy.

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Since Teal is a beautiful color, it makes sense that it would also be a really beautiful baby name. While naming your child "Turquoise" might sound pretty strange, even to people who want to come up with unique baby names, Teal sounds like the perfect solution.

8 Ginger

Ginger is another baby name that Nameberry.com put on a list. This is a really amazing, creative baby name since it would be a bit weird to name your baby "Red" or "Orange" but Ginger is so gorgeous and different. Everyone will really love this baby name, especially as a girl's name.

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Parents who are brainstorming a bunch of elegant baby names will definitely want to consider Ginger.

7 Azure

VeryWell Family put the name Azure on a list of baby names and says that it is "Blue stone, often used to describe the sky."

Both the actual name Azure and the meaning behind it sound really pretty and lovely. It just gives you a peaceful feeling when you hear it, which is something to consider since you'll be hearing and saying this name quite a lot as your little one's mom. It's also one of the most creative names that you could choose for a baby.

6 Sapphire

When you think about the names of colors, you immediately imagine purple, blue, and yellow. But those aren't exactly perfect baby names. They would get some strange looks if you picked them for your little one.

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Wehavekids.com mentions Sapphire as a baby name that is also a color name. Isn't this such a sophisticated name?! Friends and family will totally praise you for your creative baby name based on a color if you go with Sapphire.

5 Sienna

Babble.com mentions Sienna as a baby name that is a color name. Sienna looks reddish/yellow-ish/brown-ish and is one of the most captivating and beautiful colors out there.

So, of course, it would be pretty creative and awesome to give your baby girl this name. She'll be glad that she didn't get yet another generic name that literally everyone gets, and you'll be proud that you thought of something so interesting. It's a special name, that's for sure.

4 Ocean

Wehavekids.com also included Ocean on a list of baby names, and this one is really special. There are baby names based on family names, TV characters, celebrity baby names, and more. Why not go for Ocean, a nature-based and color-based name?

While of course you could go ahead and pick the name Ocean for your baby girl, there's something about it that really suits a baby boy. There are certain baby names that have nice rings to them. Ocean is just great all around.

3 Hazel

Hazel is another great creative baby name based on a color. According to Nameberry.com, this name was number 42 in 2018 and it means "the hazelnut tree." As the website explains, "When Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel in 2004, there was a great public outcry against 'another one of those nutty celebrity names.' But we didn't see why."

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Hazel is definitely a beautiful name... and as a bonus, it's unique. It's not too far out for parents who aren't super sure about color names, so it's just creative enough.

2 Jade

If you sit down with your partner and tell them that you want to pick a baby name that is based on a color, they might give you a super confused look. After all, if they're thinking that you want to name your baby boy or girl something like Green, that would be odd. So you can see where they're coming from.

But if you told your partner that you love the name Jade for a baby girl, that would be totally different. It's such a creative, pretty name that they'll most likely be on board. According to Nameberry.com, it means "stone of the side." That just sounds cool, too.

1 Navy

Navy is the final choice on our list of creative baby names based on colors, and this just might be the best one yet. Some parents do choose "Blue" as a name for their little one, so technically that is a name, but chances are, many people prefer Navy. This name has a sophisticated quality to it and would really suit a baby girl.

Any of these artistic-sounding baby names would be perfect picks when you want something more offbeat than your traditional monikers.

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