Creative Names for Babies Conceived During Natural Disasters

When natural disasters happen, we reach for those we love the most. Often, that’s in a rather romantic way, and nine months later from that hurricane/tornado/snowstorm/other natural disaster, we welcome a new little baby into the world!

When we think about what to name our little bundle of joy, we often seek a meaningful name. What if we named our baby after the crazy event during which they were created? It would be impossible to forget the circumstances, and, could even be a positive way to think about a disastrous event.

And, of course, many of the names are extremely creative and unique!

7  Hurricanes

I remember a little girl in my neighborhood was named Gloria. She was born, yes, nine months after Hurricane Gloria.

Hurricanes can be scary, and we find ourselves hiding indoors with candles (pretty romantic) for the storm to pass. So even as the rain thunders down, it can be easy to get cozy if things aren’t too crazy in your neighborhood!

So many people have named their children after hurricanes that some even find it inspiring for years to come - these boys’ names and girls’ names have been used to name hurricanes and are partially the reason why some name their children those names!

A study believed that the repetition of the hurricane names is what leads to more babies being named the same name after hurricanes - but not necessarily because of the hurricanes.

One interesting study found that while there might not be a big increase in babies with the names of hurricanes, similar-sounding names or names that start with the same letter are more likely to be given to babies. So maybe after your house was destroyed post-Sandy, you’re not thinking of naming your newborn Sandra, but perhaps, Serena or Samantha. 

6 Fires

Fires are truly devastating disasters.

Perhaps it’s been a fire that has destroyed your house, a nearby national forest, or much of your neighborhood. Regardless, fires can leave people feeling powerless.

But if the conception of your baby happens in the aftermath of a fire, it might be a very powerful thing to name your baby. Feeling inspired?

Here are some boy and girl names you might want to consider.

For little boys there's Adish, of African origin this name means fire, as does Aedus, Hayden, Edan, Paytah, Afi, Iri, Kai, Agni, and Aidan. These international namesakes are all stylish and creative enough to give your little one a unique moniker that's sure to set them apart in a good way.

There are many beautiful girl names that mean fire from the classic Bridgette to Eithna. Here are more international names that mean fire: Aideen, Barbara, Candice, Blasa, Edana, Fiametta, Ignacia, Kimba, and Serafina.

5 Floods & Tsunami

In the aftermath of a flood or tsunami (or even, the water of a hurricane), it’s impossible to think dry. Why not give your baby a name meaning water?

Like Noah.

C’mon, you knew it was coming.

Noah is a great name, and can be applied to both boys and girls. Why not name your kid after the Biblical hero?

But if the Bible isn’t your thing, why not look up a list of water deities? How about Yam, god of the seas, or for your daughter, Galene, Greek goddess of calm seas?

And then of course, you know there’s River, Oceana, or Brooke.

Some people even just give the name Tsunami as a baby name.

Check out this list of some great baby names for bodies of water - and who knows, that flood might soon be a flood of baby tears and love!

4 Uriel

Uriel is the archangel for natural disasters. If you’re a religious person, you might find this name very special.

The name means “God’s Light” or “Fire of God” because of the prophetic nature of Uriel.

While this archangel seems to be the most mysterious, in the book of Enoch, uriel is one of the angels that protects mankind from a group of fallen angels known as the Watchers and is also present when the archangels guide the prophet Enoch.

Uriel is the angel who is associated with illumination and information. Apparently if you’ve prayed for the answer to a problem or have been looking for the solution, Uriel is tasked with providing you with the answers that you seek by whispering them into your ear.

And interestingly, Uriel is associated with the color yellow as well. So if you’re thinking about using this name, maybe your child will be full of insight and answers.

3 Volcano

Luckily, volcanoes are few and far between in many parts of the world, but they are terrifying and destructive.

Perhaps your little one was conceived after a volcano - or your have been moved by the destruction of a volcano.

You could always use one of the fire names above - or use a special volcano-specific name.

There’s Emi for Emi Koussi, a volcano in Chad. Or there’s Volkan, a Latin/Turkish name meaning volcano, for boys.Colter, also a boy’s name, is a volcanic region in Montana. Another volcanic boy’s name could be Rainer, for Mount Rainer, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the U.S. Or what about Helen or Helena for Mt. Saint Helen’s? 

2 Earthquakes

Earthquakes are typically not named, and are terrible disasters with frightening results.

But perhaps, in the aftermath of the rubble, you conceived a girl. The name “Maralah” means “conceived during an earthquake.”

It’s an unusual name, yet you can easily call your daughter the sweet name Mara for short. These girl’s names mean movement, Noa and Zaza, and these ones mean earth Admina, Avani, Etta, Hermoine, Kaia, Solange and Terra. Maybe you could put them together as first and middle name to symbolize an earthquake if you’re inspired to do name your daughter after one.

Here are the male equivalents of movement: Hamish and Astyrian. And these little boy names mean earth: Adam, Addis, Arnaldr, Demetrius, Jared, Taran and Tenchi.

1 Any Snowstorm

You barely want to look outside to see how much snow you’ll have to shovel. Your Facebook feed is full of photos of friends, their children, and their animals playing in the snow. You’re hoping you don’t lose electricity, but are gathering flashlights and candles just in case.

What else is there to do? If it’s just you and your partner, you might curl up by a nice fire, and let things happen. Or if the kids are napping after their cups of hot cocoa after playing outside, you and your partner can head upstairs for a little winter romance.

There are many great names you can give a child who was conceived during a blizzard: Winter, January, Jack, Snow, North, Neve, even Frost.

You can also be creative, and use Google Translate to find different words for snow in other languages.

I’ve met a Rio who was conceived by a river in Mexico, Skye whose parents’ conceived her in a field out in the country, and a Gary whose parents conceived him on a weekend trip to Gary, Indiana (not the most romantic destination, I know).

There are a lot of reasons people name their children their names; why not name them after something that brought them together in a time of crisis? It’s a very beautiful thing that will remind you where your baby came from.

When times are tough, we take refuge in the comfort of love - with our partner, quite often. So even if things are seemingly terrible outside where we’re finding love - and eventually, a baby - can make a very rough situation seemingly bearable.

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