Creative Ways to Break the Baby Bump News

Whether it’s your first little miracle, or your seventh, finding out that you're pregnant is definitely a big deal. Once you and your other half have found out that you're expecting, it’s time to share your awesome news – and letting everyone know can be just as exciting as when you first found out.

No matter how you decide to let the rest of the world know that you are going to be parents – the first or the fifth time – you want to put some creativity into your announcement. But how? Here are some super cute and very clever ways to break the news that you are expecting.

15 Coming Soon Movie Poster

Coming soon, to a home near you! These movie poster announcements are marvelous because they really allow you to get your creative juices flowing. You can either take the title of a movie that already exists and do your own movie poster for the same title, like one couple did with Juno, or your can create your own movie title that fits your style and sense of humor.

The best part is that you can list people you'd like to shout out in the credits and assign the special people in your lives certain roles in the making of your movie poster. While you're at it you can give yourself some awards for the making of your movie, like the couple featured above did.

If you're just not able to think up any clever movie titles for yourposter, you could print up some movie posters with, “Coming soon… A baby!” on them! Don’t forget to include your due date as the date the “movie” will arrive!

14 Bump Ahead

Take a literal approach to announcing your baby bump! Some photographers like to use a pre-existing road sign as the focal point for this photo op with the pregnant woman appearing in the background. The nuance of the meaning in that type of photo can be creative, stylish and simply cool.

Other couples opt for a more fun approach to the "Bump Ahead" signage. You can make this as fun as you want, especially if the weather isn't cooperating for your photo shoot, then having your own "Bump Ahead" sign means you can take the photo where and when you please.

For this pregnancy announcement, find a "Bump Ahead" road sign, you can purchase one from Amazon or from stores on Etsy.com. You and your other half can stand in front of the sign and give another a smooch, or you can stand next to the sign and hold your belly. Either way, have someone who is already in on the secret, or a professional photographer, snap a photo of you two.

13 Coffee Mugs and Baby Bottles

Share your news with a photo of your family's newest morning beverage lineup: Two coffee mugs - one labeled ‘Mommy’ and one labeled ‘Daddy’ – and put a baby bottle in between them, labeled baby, of course!

Another smart way of recreating this picture, is to use all coffee mugs, but make sure an espresso cup is used to symbolize your new addition. You've probably seen the Starbucks pregnancy announcement with the three different size cups, something fun like that is a super cute way to announce your pregnancy--and your love of coffee!

12 Bun in the Oven

Another pregnancy saying has recently been used to help couples announce their good news. Show everyone that you are cooking a figurative bun in your oven by cooking a real bun in an oven! You've probably seen the picture of the couple high fiving each other over their open oven featuring a bun in their oven while the two of them are covered in flour and dressed in baking aprons.

To recreate this picture yourself, simply place a bun on a shelf in your oven and snap a photo! Afterward you can print the saying, “Bun in the Oven” on the photo. You can also include your due date by writing “will be ready to enjoy by (insert due date).”

The image above is a fantastic take on this idea since it uses elements of the 50s in its imagery. An old timey looking pink oven with a women dressed in typical 50s housewife attire holding a fancy cinnamon bun on a plate to represent her future child. Now what could possibly be more fun than this stylized announcement?

11 Show ‘em Your Shoes

Using shoes to announce a baby's impending arrival is an old time tradition. You can modernize this announcement idea in a few ways that not only make the presentation completely original, but also fun.

Above you have a family of Vans footwear, a pretty cool way to announce your pregnancy, but still keep it personal. Other ideas include the couple holding hands while holding the baby's shoes together, or even staging the shoes from largest size to smallest, a great idea if the new baby is going to have siblings.

Another fabulous way to execute this announcement is to gather a pair of shoes from each member of your family - including the newest addition - and put them in a row on a sidewalk. Under each pair of shoes, use sidewalk chalk to write the year the owner of each pair of shoes was born, and under the littlest pair of shoes, write the year the newest member of your family will be born.

10 Mathematical Announcements

Announce your pregnancy with a simple mathematical equation! Stand in front of a chalkboard and write “1+” above each person in your family. For example, if it’s your first pregnancy, write “1+1” above you and your other half and then print “=3” at the end of the equation to announce that there is a new little one arriving soon.

If you have other children, include them in the announcement; just modify the addition equation to the size of your family (including the newest little bundle, of course!) This announcement has more impact when the couple is expecting multiples, since the addition requires the recipient of your announcement to work out the equation's meaning for themselves.

Even if you're not expecting twins or more, this is still a super cute way to announce your pregnancy.

9 Eviction Notice

This is a super cute baby bump announcement for families who currently have a little one using a crib. Place the littlest member of your family (who won’t be the littlest for long!) in the crib and hang an eviction notice on the side of the crib. Print up a notice that reads something like this:

“Eviction Notice: You will be required to vacate the premises by due date as a new tenant will be moving in.”

This announcement is cute regardless of whether the evictee is happy or crying. Of course, if you're going to use this idea for your pregnancy announcement, make sure the sign is legible. That way your friends and family members don't strain their eyes trying to read your eviction notice.

You may even think of doing a spin on this photo, rather than an eviction notice, you can pose your baby next to some moving boxes and a sign saying, "Moving to a new room," and then give your due date. To make this picture even cuter, you can have your baby holding a paint brush with the paint color their new room is going to be painted.

8 Eating for Two

You've heard the old adage, why not take this common pregnancy turn of phrase and turn it into a pregnancy announcement! Grab a collection of you some of your favorite foods and put them on a table, hold a few boxes of pizza, or a few ice cream cones – whatever suits you – and hold or display a sign that reads “eating for two,” while you're eating the food.

Other people have used this announcement in a number of ways. Most likely you've seen the image of a husband and wife at a pub and she's grabbing for more chicken wings, while he's grabbing for her beer. The image reads, "Eating for two," over the wife and "Drinking for two," over the husband.

Other people have engraved spoons with the words, "Eating for Two" and some have even had ice creams bowls made with the saying on it. How ever you decide to use this old saying, we know it'll be perfect!

7 Superhero and Sidekick

The superhero craze doesn't have to be confined to a secret love of comic books or movies, you can use the real life heroes around you for this incredibly cute pregnancy announcement. Let the world know that you will soon have a dynamic duo!

You, your husband, or another child dress up as superheroes in this pregnancy announcement. While sporting the garb of a caped crusader, the super hero can hold a sign (or you can place the sign behind him, or next to her) that says, “Every superhero needs a sidekick!” Be sure to write “Sidekick arriving on (insert your due date) on the sign.

Even if you're expecting your first child, you can still do the superhero announcement as long as you and your significant other don't mind dressing up as superheroes for this amazing announcement.

6 Expected to Pop

Who doesn't love a balloon announcement? Whether you're announcing your baby's gender, or you're announcing their impending birth, balloons make the best accessory for any kind of announcement. Blow up a balloon and write “Expected to pop” and be sure to include your due date on it.

It's best if you include your significant other in your announcement, that way you're not responsible for blowing up a giant balloon all by yourself, and they can get in on the announcement too. Hold the balloon up to your mouth (or mouths) and snap a photo! This is a totally cute pregnancy announcement that can be put together in minutes!

You can make the announcement even more fun if you plan to announce the baby's gender at the same time, but usually that message has to wait for a later date. Although you could continue to use balloons for your announcements to bring a feeling of continuity into the process.

5 Baby Loading

There's nothing in the world that can quite compare to the excitement of learning that you will be a new mommy. One way you can share your happy news is by showing the progress of your baby’s development in this pregnancy announcement.

Either printed directly on your belly, on a t-shirt, or on a sign, create a loading bar and print “loading” above it. You can write how far the baby has “loaded” in relation to how pregnant you are. For example, if you’re just ending your 1st trimester, you could print “25%,” or if you’re 20 weeks, you could write “50%.” Talk about a totally techie and adorable way to announce your pregnancy in this tech-filled age!

You might even think about using your significant other as the prop, by saying, "New Daddy" loading and using baby bottles in the loading bar to signify how far along the pregnancy is. Another way to complete this announcement would be to continue the loading photo series up to the birth of the baby, that way it would also make a great birth announcement as well.

4 Bigger Sibling

Getting a promotion is pretty exciting and cause for celebration. If you have a little one who's going to get a promotion in nine months time, there's a number of ways you can include them in your pregnancy announcement. To recreate a pregnancy announcement that shows that your current only child is being promoted to a big sibling, you can use your trusty old chalkboard, a t-shirt and even Photoshop.

Have your child wear a shirt that says, “I’m the Big Brother (or Sister)” and snap a photo! For another variation, you could have the child hold a sign (or wear a shirt) that says, “Being promoted to Big Sister (or Brother)!” The featured image above is a fantastic twist on the promotion by focusing on the joys of no longer being the only child in the family.

It's amazing how sidewalk chalk can turn a simple pregnancy announcement into a fun and creative memory for you and your whole family.

3 Say It With Candy!

Looking for a truly sweet way to announce your pregnancy? How about sending out candygrams to your nearest and dearest? Have custom M&Ms or candy bar wrappers made that say you are expecting and send them to your loved ones, or invite them over and serve the candies so you can see their reactions.

Another take on the whole candy bar announcement is to use Hershey brand chocolates to announce whether you're having a girl or a boy. Of course if you don't want to send out candy bars, you can have family and friends to enjoy the printed M&Ms you had made with your baby's due date on them.

Another way to use candies to announce your pregnancy is to take smarties and have all the family member's birth dates printed on different colored Smarties and then take a picture of those smarties over everyone's name, but now you've got an extra Smartie for your latest addition.

2 Put the Laundry Out to Dry

This is another adorable way to reveal your pregnancy to your nearest and dearest. Put your laundry out to dry in this pregnancy announcement! There's few things cuter in this world than a baby onesie, so get out some laundry and start snapping some photos!

Hang up a wash line and put a basket next to it. Hang an item of clothing for each member of your family on the line, as well as a onesie or another adorable article of baby clothing. You could include a message with the announcement, like “Our laundry will be getting even cuter,” or “Expecting bigger loads.”

This picture could be made cuter if you have the siblings hanging the laundry on a line meant for kids, or even have your children hand you the laundry for the line. There's many ways you could do this including hanging the family from the clothes line with an empty onesie at the end of the line.

1 Foodie Announcement

There are a number of ways you can use food in your pregnancy announcement. The most popular way is to use Prego spaghetti sauce while posing with your significant other, but why confine yourself to a jar of sauce when there are so many ways you can use food as props for your clever pregnancy announcement?

In the image above, a mini bagel pizza is flanked by large slices of pizza with the witty caption, "Special Delivery" at the top of the image and the due date on the bottom. This is a great idea for couples who are foodies in their circle of friends, or who just love pizza. Either way this announcement is cute and sure to get quite a bit of attention.

If you're not sure you want to go the pizza route, you can recreate this image by using large burgers next to a small slider, or even 3 scoops of ice cream in waffle cones flanking a kiddie cone. Seriously, this foodie announcement can use just about any type of food you can think of as long as there's a petite version available to take the place of the baby.

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