‘Angel’ Custodian Comforts Autistic Fourth Grader In Moving Photo

Esther McCool, a custodian at the Melba Passmore Elementary in Alvin, comforted an overwhelmed autistic student, and the beautiful moment was captured on film. The sweet moment shows that small actions can make a big difference. What McCool did was a simple gesture, but it did wonders for a very anxious student.

Kenlee, a fourth grader at the school, has autism. Like many other kids across the country, she sometimes finds it difficult to deal with very loud noises and crowded spaces. Without someone who understands her condition and is ready to deal with it, she could have a lot of difficulties integrating herself in school. Thankfully, there was a custodian ready to help her out.

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Via: Pixabay, rubberduck1951

On September 10th, Kenlee was having a very difficult morning. She was in the cafeteria, and she was struggling with all the noise and people around her. She got overwhelmed and went to the area with a stage. There, she just lied down and covered her head with a blanket. Underneath the blanket, she must have been terrified and anxious.

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McCool saw Kenlee, and she laid down beside her to comfort her. She put an arm around the little girl curled up on the floor, and just began to pat her back. She has formed a special bond with Kenlee over her years of working at the school, so she knew what to do when she saw the student hide herself. Thanks to her sweet gesture, Kenlee was able to calm down and continue with her day.

The photo was posted on social media, and the hearts of internet users around the world were warmed. It was shared hundreds of times, and it has reminded people of how important it is to give some kindness every day. Even if it’s a small gesture, it could go miles for someone who really needs some love and affection on that particular day. Lying down on the ground with Kenlee didn’t take much effort, but McCool showed her that someone is out there looking out for her. She didn’t have to be alone in her panic, and it’s comforting to know that someone else understands and is willing to help you through a tough time.

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