Baby Animals: 10 Cutest Puppies You Can Follow On Instagram

If there’s one thing the entire world can agree on, it’s that we all love dogs — especially puppies. That soft puppy fur, those sloppy puppy kisses, those big, fluffy paws… Puppies are much more than adorable pets, they’re beacons of hope. They’re emotional partners. They’re the sunny part of a gloomy day. And thanks to Instagram, we can now follow as many puppies as we want.

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Below are 10 Instagram accounts for puppies that you need to follow. From adventuring in the backwoods to snuggling with their human — these pups deserve as much love online as they do in person.


Believe it or not, the gorgeous golden retriever you see above is the elected Mayor Idyllwild, California. With over 35,000 followers, you can follow Mayor Max around his town as he does good and meets the community.

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Mayor Max even has a partner in crime: Deputy Mayor Mitzi! Together these two goldens are can't be stopped in giving love and endless hugs to its locals. If you're around Idyllwild, follow his Instagram account (@MayorMax1) to see where he's at!


Loki the Wolfdog is as stunning as huskies get. With over two million Instagram followers, Loki is even verified! It's for good reason, of course, Loki is always exploring outdoors with his traveling humans.

Loki even has his own brand of CBD treats to help other pups feel more relaxed when they're dealing with anxiety. If you love dogs in nature—especially beautiful ones—give Loki a follow.


In case you couldn't tell, Henry is living in Colorado with his humans and best buddy: a cat named Baloo! The fuzzy pair are so adorable that they even have a calendar for purchase!

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Henry is a mix of a shepherd, husky, Australian shepherd, and Staffordshire Terrier.  Baloo, on the other hand, is a Siamese mix! The two have been best friends since Henry met Baloo, with Henry being five years old and Baloo is two!


Have you ever seen a more adorable trio than these three? These three border collies have all been rescued and may as well be from the same litter. Envy, Zain, and Trek have over 415,000 followers and love to snuggle and play.

Based out of Pennsylvania, these three love to be outside and be goofy. What's more adorable about these three is the number of tricks they know! From sitting to standing to hugging — these three could easily have their own performance.


Is there anything cuter than golden retrievers who are best friends!? Lizzie and Ally live in Canada and their doggo-parent adores taking pictures of them playing outdoors. From snuggles to puppy kisses, these two might as well be the dog versions of Laverne and Shirley.

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In fact, these two doggos are so adorable that they were featured in Family Circle Magazine, Pop Sugar, and Nikon USA. You can follow these two on adventures through the seasons on IG through @Lizzie.Bear.


If you love following pets on Instagram, then Marnie the Dog has to be on your list of follows. Adopted from a shelter, Marnie is a 17-year-old Shih Tzu who was adopted at age 11 after being found on the streets. Now as a senior dog, she has an awesome life living with her owner. Marnie is most known for her permanent head tilt and that adorable tongue that constantly sticks out. After suffering from vestibular disease, Marnie's disability is what makes her so lovable.

Marnie's owner loves to dress her up and have her pose for pictures but as a 17-year-old doggo she seems to be getting too tired for videos. Follow her at @MarnieTheDog.


Jughead may be known as "lughead" but he sure is gorgeous to look at. Born in 2018, Jughead is a little over a year old and is already a star. He has almost 11,000 followers on Instagram and something tells us that number will continue to grow.

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He's based out of Toronto, Canada and seems to love lounging around outside and getting wet! Another interesting thing about Jughead that many pet owners would be interested in is that he's on a strict raw diet. He eats plenty of raw meat, eggs, and fish! You can follow him at @JugheadTheLughead for more dog diet tips (and plenty of beautiful pictures).


Take a look at those baby blues and fall in love! @TheFastAndTheFurriest is an Instagram account showing off two buddies roaming through life: Mylo and Summit. And while Mylo is a gorgeous mixed breed doggo (pitbull terrier mixed with an English bulldog, chow chow, and lab), we're showcasing Summit.

Summit appears to be a husky mix and is so fluffy, sweet, and photogenic, it's hard not to be taken away from him! These two "brothers" love to play outside and explore with their owner Molly.


Norbert the dog is one famous pup! He has over 831,000 followers on Instagram and spreads love in so many ways. At just three pounds, Norbert is a therapy dog who loves visiting the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

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It's not really known what breed Norbert is (most suspect a mix between chihuahua, ihasa apso, and carin terrier) but his adorable little face and the way his tongue sticks out makes him all the more lovable. His owner Julie even helped Norbert publish his own book, Norbert: What Can Little Me Do?. Follow him now at @NorbertTheDog.


Maya the Samoyed's Instagram account is different than others. Sure, she's a gorgeous fluffy lady, but her owner Lingli Ye loves putting Maya in her videos on Instagram and on Yahoo. She dresses Maya in different accessories and puts her in different situations where she then creates a storyline for Maya's adorable actions.

With 1.9 million followers, Maya is a star! Follow her now at @MayaPolarBear.

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