10 Cute & Cool Baby Accessories

With babies come many products. There are diapers and the bags they go in. There are strollers, car seats and cribs. There are bottles in the kitchen, toys in the nursery and storage containers to store all of this and more. And while cute outfits are not exactly vital to having a happy and healthy baby, getting a kiddo dressed up can be pretty fun!

Furthermore, accessories are what really pull looks together, as they act like cherries on top of ice cream sundaes. So keep that in mind while looking at the 10 cute and cool baby accessories below!

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10 Baby Bandana Bibs


Baby bandana bibs are very in right now, and this gift set includes four of them plus two pacifier clips and a pacifier case - What a nice deal! The bibs feature stylish designs that work for both girls and boys, and they are also hypoallergenic, super absorbent and 100 percent organic cotton.

Adjustable snaps allow these bandanas to fit growing babies, making them work for several ages. This pack is a great option for a birthday present or for a baby shower gift - especially if the gender is not known, since any baby would totally rock these adorable bandana bibs!

9 Knitted Baby Hats


A warm winter beanie is one more gift idea on this list. These are soft and stretchy (one-size fit for 0 to 2 years) and chunky and cozy, with durable materials that are eco-friendly and comfortable. Another positive aspect of this product is that there are choices:

Want one, two or three of these hats? Considering muted or bright colors for the baby that is in mind here? There are several from which to choose, but they will all look great on any baby, a boy or a girl, and will be a great accessory to a cuddly winter outfit.

8 Baby Socks Gift Set


This next item is another gift set that comes with four pairs of baby socks. These are no ordinary socks, though. No, these have the cutest quotes on them - things like “if you can read this - bring me some milk”, “don't make me cry - you wouldn't like it when i cry” and “50% mom 50% dad - 100% perfect”!

They are also crafted out of combed cotton, with a touch of spandex for stretchability, meaning they are soft and cozy on a baby’s skin. The gender-neutral colors such as fawn, cream, grey and white are another benefit we are seeing here, with these amazing socks.

7 Muslin Swaddle Blankets


These four muslin blankets are great for swaddling and receiving, and they come in the cutest prints. Not only do they look fab, but they feel amazing, as well, and they continue to get softer the more they are washed. Furthermore, this fabric is breathable, promoting a deep and comfortable sleep for a baby while preventing overheating.

Since four different 4' x 4' blankets are included here with this item, these big and bright blankets will come in handy with everything from changing diapers and having picnics to cuddling kiddos and adding a pop of color to the nursery!

6 Pacifier Set


Some may say a paci is a paci, but there are so many reasons to love these… They are unisex. They are made from high-quality materials that are tested for safety, that are CPSIA compliant, that comply with safety standards and that are BPA-free. Medical-grade silicone is also used, as well as large ventilation holes that enable the skin to breathe.

The pacifier shield is contoured to fit a child’s mouth, offers chin protection and prevents skin irritation. Best perhaps the coolest thing about these pacifiers is that they don’t have pictures of moons or animals or other traditional baby graphics… They have a lemon and a lime!

5 Pacifier Clips, Set of 2


And we wouldn’t want anyone to lose the pacifiers, so stock up on clips, too, like this set of two. They attach easily to pacifiers, bibs, clothes, teething toys, blankets, strollers, car seats and more. They have textured surfaces that are chewable to help provide teething relief and a gum massage.

And don’t worry; they are made from 100 percent food grade-silicone and are free of BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead and metal. Plus, the vibrant colors on these clips are good for visual perception, motor and sensory development and will just look super neat as an accessory to any baby.

4 Ultimate Waterproof Baby Bib


There are so many options for baby bibs out there, but these seem almost too good to be true. A triple layer exists here, making these bibs waterproof; the ultra-absorbent cotton locks in moisture, while the TPU inner lining stops everything from seeping through.

These bibs are also fully adjustable, with nickel-free snaps that won’t be easily pulled off by a growing baby. An added bonus is the cute designs that don’t sacrifice style and that work for either gender. Yes, this set of five modern baby bibs - That is right - There are five here! - is another smart gift idea.

3 Unisex Baby High Top Sneaker


Let it be known: Every child needs a high-top sneaker. This shoe is a classic, and seeing it in this miniature form is too cute! This sneaker offers a soft, anti-slip sole and is lightweight, making it perfect for learning to walk. It is available for babies who are ages 3 to 18 months. The easy-on, easy-off laces make changing shoes, putting them on, keeping them on and taking them off a breeze. Plus, this white color is not the only option there is. Want glitter shoes? Need some stars on a baby’s feet? Want flowers or maybe a denim material? Man, we want them all!

2 Hooded Plush Robe


Another item that is super cute in a kid’s size is a robe - especially one in a furry animal shape! This fleece unisex bathrobe is soft and snuggly, and it has a hood, which is nice. Children can choose if they want to look like a cat, deer, dinosaur, elephant, giraffe, mouse, rabbit or dog, making this an awesome present.

Just imagine getting ready for bed or getting up in the morning for breakfast and getting to rock something so cool, so furry and so unique! We just want to know… Can we get one in an adult size?

1 Baby Baseball Cap


And last but not least, whether a child is heading to a ballgame, the beach or the yard for a walk, a cap is a must-have item, and we are adoring this one. It is created out of a soft cotton cloth that is comfortable and breathable, and its size makes it suitable for children who are 8 months to 2 years old.

Caps do make cute accessories, but they are also integral in helping protect babies from the sun. So do that in style by getting a cap with stripes, a couple with letters on them or this terrific one with cat ears!

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