Searching For Nursery Decor Inspiration? Look No Further Than These DIYs

Setting up the nursery may be one of the most exciting parts of preparing for baby when you're pregnant. There are so many themes to choose from and so many cute decorations. You have any and all colors to choose from and all major big box stores, plus a lot of online stores have tons of options.

If you're crafty and looking for something more original, here are a few ideas for simple, fun and cute DIY decorations.

Baby Initials

You will need wooden letters, paint, any decorations you want to use (fake flowers, pinecones, etc) and a hot glue gun.

Head to your local craft shop or Walmart and spell out baby's name (or initials) from wood blocks.

You can paint the blocks any colors or combination or take a glue gun and decorate the blocks with flowers, sticks, pom poms or any other decorations you can think of.

Wall Art

This can be done in multiple ways. You could find a poem, song or quote you really like, print it with a picture of the baby, or alone and frame it.

You also could paint something and frame it (or paint it on canvas)

If you're a fan of hanging artwork on walls but don't have the budget or artistic ability to add paintings, you could have a child make one for you or an artsy friend.

Homemade Mobile

You will need felt, scissors, felt marker, wooden circle frame, ribbons

Alternative: wooden cut out animals (you can buy them already made in stores like Walmart or Michael's.

Cut out the shapes in felt (double the felt), glue the felt pieces together and puncture a hole in the top, tie the ribbon through the hole and hang it on the wood circle. Tie ribbon to the circle to hang.


Wooden Name Sign

You will need (if you know how) wood burner and kit, wood block or any simple, decorative wood piece (you can buy from Walmart or Michael's), or paint and brushes.

Paint a base coat on the sign and either burn or paint the name on. It's a quick, easy and very simple project that baby can use all the way into adulthood.

Baby's Growing Feet

All you need for this DIY is a small piece of wood, paint and baby safe paint (2 different colors)

As baby reaches certain ages (the example used 4 months, 6 months and 12 months), stamp baby's footprints on the block and label it with their age.

None of the above ideas suiting your fancy? Check out our final thoughts...

If you sew, making the curtains could be a fun additional touch that would likely cost less than buying and add a personal touch to the room.

Painting a mural on the wall is another fun idea. You can get the template/stencil then use various sizes brushes to fill the shapes in.

If you have old wood furniture from pre-baby times, you could repurpose some of it to use as a changing table, shelves or chair.

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