10 Cute Maternity Shoot Theme Ideas

Maternity photoshoots are some of the most beautiful pictures as they capture a joyous time for expecting parents. Not only are they elegant and meaningful, maternity photos can also be fun and whimsical!

From simple shots in nature to themed shoots, these images are just as fun for the photographer to capture as they are for the expectant mom to take! They create lasting memories for families to share with their unborn babies as they grow, and we love that idea!

We found 10 gorgeous and simply adorable maternity theme ideas to help expectant moms plan their photos.

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10 Down A Back Road

How gorgeous is this simple-themed photoshoot? We love it! This elegant image proves themes don't have to be overwhelming in order to make a photo fun and beautiful. Instead of picking a backdrop in a studio, this expectant momma opted to go the natural route as she paired a classic lace gown and hat with a rural landscape. Simple as that! In this case, the photographer captured maternity photos on what appears to be a back road as it resulted in a breathtaking image.

9 Bring The Indoors To The Outdoors

This image came with a surprise twist as another family opted to take maternity photos in nature. The expectant mother sits upon a simple wooden chair as she and her partner pose for a pretty epic photo sesh.

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They decided to bring this indoor item outdoors with them as it helps highlight the beauty in pregnancy. We love the pop of color in mom's dress as her partner and the background feature neutral tones. Overall, we love the simplicity of this nature-themed shoot!

8 Beach Side

The beach is one of the most classic and breathtaking themes for maternity shoots! It's interesting how spectacular such a simple image can be, and we appreciate how the photographer seems to have captured such an intimate moment in this photo. The expectant mom appears to be at peace as she cradles her belly and gazes at the sea, and it's amazing! Plus, pairing a white gown and flower crown with the epic backdrop really makes this maternity shoot stand out.

7 Portrait Mode

If you're not too sure about what theme you would like for your maternity shoot, look no further! This portrait mode photo is timeless and so beautiful! We love how all of the focus is on mom as she lovingly displays her pregnancy.

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A stunning yellow gown and matching flower crown against the dark background really sealed the deal on this glowing momma. As we stated earlier, themes do not have to be over-the-top in order to be great, and this portrait mode-inspired shoot proves just that!

6 Golden Garden

The flowers may take the front stage in this garden-themed maternity shoot, but the spotlight is still on the expectant mom! And isn't she absolutely glowing?! The photographer captured such a happy moment while incorporating a touch of nature as the focus remains on mom and her growing baby in the background. It's such a different and fun take on maternity shoots, how can you not love it?

5 Family Affair

There seems to be a new trend in maternity shoots as expectant moms opt to explore the outdoors instead of posing in a studio, and the results are captivating! This mom was no exception as she posed with her four children while slyly showing her pregnancy.

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A family-themed maternity shoot is always a good idea- especially if you have older kids! It's so fun to include siblings as they make the best additions to any maternity shoot! We also love how this family coordinated outfits in neutral and soft tones while standing amongst wild flowers. Everything about this family-oriented photoshoot is perfect!

4 Dogs Included

Speaking of family-orientated maternity shoots, this expectant mom and dad decided to include their fur babies in their pictures. And how adorable are the results?! We simply love the idea of a pet-themed maternity shoot as not only are they part of the family, but they are also welcoming a new sibling! This couple stayed with neutral tones as they proudly display both the pregnancy and their pups, and it's so dang cute!

3 So Serene

Not all maternity shoots have to take place outside, however, as this mom proves studio sets can be just as gorgeous! The backdrop is trendy as it features different textures, shapes, and natural hues.

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Of course, the expectant mom also looks stunning as she joyfully gazes down at her belly. Her gown appears to be a pale pink as it compliments the shoot's natural vibe. Overall, we really appreciate the uniqueness of this boho-inspired shoot. We're sure both mom and baby will love how these photos turned out for years to come!

2 Bride Vibes

This black and white-themed photoshoot is everything! It's so classic, yet different, and we're obsessed! We especially like how the expectant mom appears to be posing in a wedding-style dress, which may even be a wedding gown! This image oozes romance as the mom shows off her pregnancy in glamorous way while paying tribute to the love one feels as they start a family. Simply stunning!

1 Whimsical

We love a few things about this maternity shoot, but mainly the fact the focus is on this mama's baby bump! Instead of capturing the mom's entire expression, the photographer only has the bottom half of her face in the photo. This resulted in a captivating photo showcasing the pregnancy! Of course, viewers catch a little glimpse of the expectant mom's sly smile as she posed for this breathtaking maternity shoot! Secondly, we love the contrast between the pink gown, greenery, and the golden fields- so perfect!

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