7 Cutest Baby Animals Being Cute While They Sleep

Life is hard. Mom life can be especially rough sometimes. Add to this the frigid winter weather, cold and flu season, and seasonal depression, and it's easy to feel down. But here's the beautiful thing about being a mom! We set the tone for our family's attitude. The more energy we put into radiating positivity, the more our children will reflect that happiness. Seek out ways to inject joy into your daily life - like scoping out pictures of adorable baby animals! Ok, real talk: I may have just needed a little pick-me-up myself when I started Googling "cute baby animals". But I'm a mom of two little ones and I know just how that daily grind can wear down your spirit. Some baby-animal viewing is warranted!

Full disclaimer: I am merely a worn-out mom who likes looking at baby animals. This study is neither scientific nor legitimate in any way. Without further ado, allow me to grace you with the unofficially official cutest baby animals ever caught sleeping! After all, sleeping babies are so much cuter than babies who refuse to sleep.

Snuggly Foxes Holding Hands


CAN WE JUST PAWS TO APPRECIATE THIS? Ok, I'll stop yelling. These wittle bitty baby foxeses are so stinkin' adorable they give me cute aggression. Did you know that's a real thing? Some people see extremely cute things - like babies, or sleeping baby foxes holding paws, and almost spin into a furious outrage.

Sleeping Deer In A Field

The cutest baby fawn ever. Via Pinterest

Shhhhhh! Just seeing this photo evokes the sound of birds chirping, the wind in the leaves, and twigs snapping underfoot. What a sweet sleepy little fawn! How can anyone feel upset about crappy winter and snow days when this little deer exists?

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Baby Squirrel Cuddlebug

Zzzzzz via Kassoon

The best part about the early baby days are the cuddles. Feeling the warm weight of a sweet baby as they sleep on your chest...it's the warmest and fuzziest of all warm fuzzies. This baby squirrel knows that cuddly sleeps are the best sleeps.

Monkey Mama Carries Sleeping Baby

Monkey see, Monkey do. Via Tarongo Zoo

I'm pretty sure I've been this monkey mama before. Most days I have to strap my youngest on my back to just get the dishes done. Riding around on your mama's back ain't a bad way to get through life! This reminds me of that picture of a pregnant orangutan that really looked like my pregnant selfies.

Toddler Giraffe Sleeps In Funny Position

What in the world? Via Mean Maureen

Moms everywhere are asking themselves: "How can they even sleep like that?" If I slept with my neck in a kink, I'd be unable to turn my head all week! But this adorable sleeping baby giraffe has us all scratching our heads.

Mama And Baby Share Koala Cuddles

Cuddle up, baby koala! Via Kylie Ellway/Shutterstock

You can just FEEL how soft that koala is, can't you? Look at the soft, thick, fuzzy fur! It's like hitting the baby hair jackpot and having a 6-month-old with an unreasonably thick curly mop. This mama koala is definitely soaking up the love and taking a huge sniff of that baby's head. Load up on that oxytocin cuddle hormone, mama koala! It makes the long days of mothering seem more worthwhile.

Mama Gorilla Practices Skin-To-Skin With Baby Gorilla

I am this mom. Via Tambako

This photo speaks to me on a profound level. It resonates a sense of humanity and shared experience of mothering that transcends species. On many days, I have been this mom: pinned to the couch by a sleeping nursling, covered in chip crumbs from a noisy toddler, unwashed. You bet your bottom dollar this gorilla mom doesn't remember the last time she took a shower! And then my eyes fall on that tiny little fist. This baby is determined to stay as close to his mama, his safe space, as possible. He's receiving nutrition, hydration, and comfort at his mother's breast. And that's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

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