• 10 Adorable Baby Names Inspired By Summer

    Who doesn’t love summer? There’s so much to enjoy, like warmer temperatures and fun in the sun. It could also be a great source of inspiration when it comes to thinking up names for a baby. A lot of people are attracted to seasonal names and summer is filled with some really cute options.

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    From naming a little one after a birthstone to looking to the zodiac for good ideas, the summer months offer a myriad of choices. If your little one is born this summer, please enjoy this list of 10 adorable baby names inspired by the season.

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    June is a cheerful name that would be perfect for parents looking for some summer inspiration. It has an old-fashioned sensibility to it, but somehow manages to feel timeless. Month names are becoming more and more common. We think this one would make a great middle name as well.

    The name June is of English origin and it means “month named for goddess Juno”. It ranked #241 on Nameberry’s popularity charts so it’s still a unique option. A little girl named June will always look on the bright side of life.

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    baby boy

    Sunny would be quite a chipper choice for moms and dads who love the sunniest season of the year. This one just feels like it would be perfect for an upbeat little guy. Sunny entered the popularity charts in the early 1900s and saw a huge spike in the 1970s.

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    It’s seeing another up-tick so we think it’s totally poised for a regeneration. You’d be smart to nab this one before your friends do. It also gets points for being gender neutral. Sunny is the 2,257th most popular name of all time.

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    Marina is a name that just feels fresh and distinctive. We love that it’s not trendy in any way and is inspired by the sea. Anyone looking to give their daughter a summery name would be smart to choose this one. She’ll totally stand out in a crowd.

    The name is of Latin origin and means "from the sea." It has roots in mythology, linked to Venus. This one ranked #682 on Nameberry’s popularity chart. It’s also a name that is growing more and more popular in Spain.

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    Parents who have a passion for astrology will adore the name Leo for their son. This one is inspired by the 5th astrological sign of the zodiac and is associated with people born between the summer months of July 23rd and August 22nd.

    Leo is a boy's name of Latin origin, meaning "lion." We think that it has a regal ring to it that’s totally fit for a king. It’s a strong title that would give any little guy a good start in life. This one is a favorite in France.

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    girl on beach

    Taken from the birthstone of the month of June, Pearl would be a delicate option as well. Gem names are very on-trend and this one is just waiting for the right little girl. It has a vintage vibe that makes it feel timeless yet accessible all at once. We also love that it has a connection to the ocean.

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    The name Pearl is a girl's name of Latin origin. It's an uncommon pick, presumably because it's a little too old-fashioned for some tastes. Nevertheless, we think that this one would also work great as a middle name. It’s sophisticated and sweet.

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    The name Cyrus gives a subtle wink to summer and would be a good option for a little boy. It’s of Persian origin and means "sun." It’s a powerful moniker as it is associated with Cyrus the Great, the fifth century B.C. Persian leader who went on to establish a mighty empire.

    This one is not very common so it gets points for being unique. Interestingly, though, it may not be quite so unusual any more: it’s been around for centuries and didn’t see much action until it saw a huge spike in 2017.

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    flower girl

    We couldn’t complete this list without adding the name Summer. This seasonal moniker just feels upbeat and light. It would be well-suited for a bright little girl.

    This one entered the charts in the 1960s and was super popular in the late 70s. It doesn’t seem to be as common these days, but we think that just means it’s about to make a comeback. Summer is just too feminine and lively to pass up. Be sure to add this one to your shortlist.

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    August is a great choice for parents who love summer. It’s another month name that is just too cute to not add to this list. It also gets points for being gender neutral. It’s typically a boy's name, but we think that it would make quite a sassy name for a little girl as well.

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    August is a name of Latin origin and it means "great, magnificent." Why not name your kid after the hottest month of the year? They're sure to make an impact this way.

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    summer baby

    Isla is a simple name that feels summery. It means "island." This is another one of those names that have a vintage feel to it but is becoming a more common option in the hipster crowd. Yet, it’s just unique enough to still feel special.

    We think that it has a ladylike sensibility to it, which means that it will grow right along with your daughter. You’d be smart to put dibs on this one before your friends do.

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    Ray is one of those names that just makes you think of sunshine. It doesn’t get much cooler than this one. A little boy named Ray will have a light disposition, for sure. It’s short and sweet as a three letter name, so it has a simplicity that makes it attractive.

    Ray is a boy's name meaning "wise protector," a diminutive of Raymond. It ranked #728 on Nameberry’s popularity chart, so it’s not one that you’ll hear often. Although, it will always be linked to Ray Charles and that’s really not a bad thing.

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