10 Cutest Breeds of Kittens, Ranked

Like puppies, pet lovers can't help but get giddy when they see a kitten. Those soft, little bellies and tiny squeals. How could anyone disapprove of a kitten? The other wonderful thing about cats is they only get cuter with time. It's not every day we see an "ugly" cat. Heck, even the "ugly" cats are downright adorable — just look at Grumpy Cat.

It's hard to pinpoint how many cat breeds there are. With professionals merging different breeds these days, it can even be difficult to find out what kind of breed your kitty is (when adopting, of course.)

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If you're in the market for a cat and want to be specific about the kind of breed you get, be sure to do your research on their temperament. However, if you're going for adorable breeds, check out these 10 cat breeds that ooze cuteness.


Originating from Russia, Siberian cats are known for their long hair. Heck, they have better hair than most humans. This breed goes back centuries and in Russia, they are typically domesticated housepets. In fact, this breed is seen in many childhood stories and fairy tales told in Russian culture.

Unlike other cats, the Siberians are a stronger breed with large back legs and round paws — made perfectly for jumping and climbing.  If you do get one of these kitties, just be aware of the amount of cat hair that's about to line the hallways.


British Shorthairs come from Great Britain and are known for their charcoal grey fur and piercing eyes. The adorable twosome above have similar grey eyes while other British Shorthairs have bright yellow.

Their face is rounder and broader than other breeds and they may even seem thicker than other breeds as well — as if they're overweight. This could be because of their closely-packed hair or their stocky build.

Nevertheless, these cats are born adorable and only get more beautiful with time. In fact, it's been rumored that the British Shorthair was the inspiration behind Cheshire the Cat from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


Ragdoll cats are bold and beautiful. They may seem super fuzzy as kittens but their hair is typically medium length. But to be honest, it's their luxurious hair that makes them so cuddly.

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Ragdoll cats can come in a few different shades but they're mostly identifiable when they're white, beige, and have blue eyes. The adorable thing about Ragdolls is that they love human connection, so get ready for these kittens to jump on you every chance they get.


If you live in colder climates, this cat may be the perfect breed for you. The Norwegian Forest cat has long and thick hair that's naturally waterproof to keep them safe through changing weather.

These muscular cats can live up to 16 years and love to explore — so grabbing a few boxes or toys can keep them from getting bored. Due to their love for exploration, allowing them to have access outdoors is ideal. And don't worry about their coats getting matted, these fluffy guys are actually low maintenance.


The Scottish Fold are quite sensitive and smitten kittens. A great way to tell Scottish Folds apart from other cats is by their folded ears, which makes them look even more adorable. Their ears are folded due to a genetic mutation. Even more precious, these hushed kittens are known for the silly positions they find themselves in.

But just because these cut-eared-cats are sensitive doesn't mean they don't love to play. They especially love to play around with lasers and being kept on their toes (or should I say paws?)


Birman cats are stunning. From their pale fur to their bright blue eyes, it's tough to find a Birman cat that isn't beautiful. They originally came from France and are extremely affectionate, making them a great family pet.

These cats are tough to groom, though. Thanks to their thick coat, brushing them can help with matting. But as always, your cat has to be okay with you grooming them if you don't want to be scratched.


Originally from France, the Chartreux cat breed is quite rare and adorable to own. With dark grey hair, most of these cats have gorgeous green or yellow eyes and have muscular bodies.

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If you live in an apartment or small space, this breed could be perfect for you because they're quiet and rarely make noise. But just because they're quiet doesn't mean they don't know what's going on. This breed is quite intelligent.


American Bobtails are known for their short tails and adorable stature. They're incredibly curious and love to play hide and seek with their owners.

The reason for their bobbed tail is due to a genetic mutation but this mutation only makes these kittens cuter. But don't think their short tails are a hindrance to them, they're still quite sturdy and have incredible balance.


The Himalayan may be one of the more notable breeds on this list. Thanks to Meet the Parents, many people can easily identify Himalayan cats because of the Himalayan cat in the movie: Jinx.

Himalayans are typically quite fluffy with white/beige fur with patches of brown and bright blue eyes. They're a very observant breed who likes to get to know their friends and owners from afar before getting too close.


Maine Coons are typically much larger in size. In fact, everything about them seems to be larger than other cat breeds. With big ears, fluffy tails, and long hair, these cats know how to keep themselves warm on a cold winter's day.

If you take a look at their paws, you'll notice how big they are as well, which is what makes them able to walk on snow. But aside from being one of the largest house cats there is, these cats also love to communicate, so get ready for a lot of meowing when you take a Maine Coon in as your own.

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