Cutest Old Lady Names From The 1900s, Ranked

It might be hard to imagine it right now, but one day your baby girl with grow up and become an old woman. Even if you name her something trendy by 2019's standards, it won't feel trendy in eighty or so years.

Future generations will hear her name and think, "that sounds like an old person's name." If you pick a name from your own past, they'll think, "Whoa, that sounds like a really old person's name." And honestly, the second reaction sounds like more fun. Want your baby girl's name to transcend time? Consider these 10 cute old lady names from the 1900s (which we've ranked for your convenience).

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10 Alice

Alice is a calm, soothing figure. Pragmatic, but, oh, so yet encouraging. She's the person that everyone goes to when they need an ear to lean on. Her family urges her not to take on other people's problems, but their advice always lands on deaf ears.

Historically, Alice means "Of noble birth." Since 1880, when people started collecting records, there have been 562 thousand babies named Alice. Two public figures who've proudly worn Alice as a moniker are Alice Cooper, a rock singer, and Alice Walker, a poet.

9 Pearl

Pearl is full of wisdom. Life has taught her many lessons, and she feels indebted to pass her advanced insight down to the next generation. She's the person that you go to when you need a double dose of reality, which she will always deliver with love.

A pearl is a beautiful, lustrous gemstone that has been a staple in women's jewelry for years. Over 160 thousand babies have been named Pearl since 1880. Despite its popularity, there aren't many notable public figures with the name.

8 Dorothy

Dorothy believes the key to a long life is minimalism. It's fine to indulge now and again, but she places her value on experiences over material things. She's tried her best to pass these values onto her grandchildren, but it probably hasn't worked as well as she'd like.

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Dorothy means "Gift from God." Since 1880, over 1 million babies have been named Dorothy. As far as cultural impact, Dorothy Dandrige, an entertainer is the most famous Dorothy in history. Dorothy is also the name of the central character of the beloved film, The Wizard of Oz

7 Daisy

Daisy has lived a full life, so she has a bunch of stories to tell you. Some will knock your socks off, some will pull at your heartstrings. All will be told with such tenacity you'll feel like you were there with her through all of her adventures. And she's not even close to being done yet.,

Despite daisies being a well-known flower, there have only been 141 thousand babies named Daisy since 1880. Notable public figures named Daisy include Daisy Ridley, an actress and Daisy Fuentes, a model.

6 Louise

Every decision Louise ever made was driven by a passion for adventure and living life on the edge. Even in her old age, she still believes in living life to the fullest. She might have slowed down a little, but still makes every day count.

Louise means variations of "warrior" and "female warrior." There have been over 355 thousand babies named Louise since 1880. Louise was popularized when Susan Sarandon portrayed her in the buddy comedy, Thelma And Louise.

5 Sadie

Sadie devoted her life to raising her family and she's never had any regrets. Now an empty-nester, it's her time to focus on all of the things she missed out on when she was young. First up, seeing the world with her husband.

Sadie, thought to mean princess, is the name of roughly 122 thousand girls since 1880. Despite its popularity, searches for popular, well-known women named Sadie don't turn op much.

4 Mamie

Mamie is a little persnickety. Her twilight years will be all about appeasing her own wants and needs. So, she's not someone you want to cross. With that said, there's an underlying affection in her eyes every time she looks at you. You just know that she loves you, even if she hates expressing it.

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Mamie doesn't have any known meanings, but there's still been roughly 78 thousand babies named Mamie since 1880. Mamie was also the name of President Eisenhower's wife.

3 Fannie

Ever the sophisticate, age hasn't impacted Fannie's love of socializing. Fine arts have always been apart of her social scene, and she has no plans on changing that anytime soon. She's the perfect example of why it's sometimes okay to put yourself and your needs first. And she's not afraid to let you know it!

Fannie, whose meaning is unknown, is the female form of Frances. There's been over 85 thousand Fannie's born since 1880. As for a public figures who share that moniker, Fannie Lou Townsend was a famed women and civil rights activist.

2 Elsie

No matter how hectic life got, Elsie always took a little time to smell the roses or admire the beautiful, crispy leaves. To her, it's the small things that count. This is an attitude she hopes to hold for the rest of her days.

Elsie doesn't have any known meanings, but there have been over 178 thousand babies born named Elsie since 1880. Famous Elsies include Elsie Ferguson, an actress.

1 Lula

The only thing cuter than Lula's name is her demeanor. Her love language is acts of service. She's spent her life doing for others and putting them and their needs first. Now, that her children are adults, she serves her grandchildren. Life has come full circle for her, and it's pretty sweet, to say the least.


Lula, which doesn't have a known meaning, is first the name of a male soccer player from Brazil, but that's about it, as far as public figures go. Since 1880, there have been roughly 72 thousand babies named Lula. Pick this name for your little girl, and you'll be responsible for adding at least one more!

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