10 Cutest Baby Names Inspired By The Winter Season

Parents find baby names from many sources of inspiration. You may name your little one after a beloved friend or family member. You may name them after a favorite place, character or flower. Many parents take inspiration from the timing of their children's birth. You could choose something simple such as the name of the month they were born or dig a little deeper. For those with babies expected in the cold months, there are plenty of new and classic names to choose from. Take a look at some of these snow and winter inspired names for your sweet baby.

10 Aspen

What better way to celebrate all that is cold and pure than to name your little one Aspen? The name immediately calls to mind the sensation of a cold breeze across your face as you race down the slopes. Aspen is also synonymous with luxury and timeless style. This name is great for little boys or baby girls alike. If your winter baby is a little fancy and a lot of fun consider this elevated name.

9 Douglas

The douglas fir is a proud and timeless symbol of winter. It's long been a favorite species for Christmas trees as well. The name Douglas is a classic and has many proud holders for your child to look up to. It's a fine Scottish name that means "dark water".

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There are few images as classically masculine as a dark river through snowy woods. The strong scent of pine on the air is as clean and wholesome as it gets. This is the perfect name for a little gentleman born close to the winter holidays.

8 Noelle

Christmas lovers can revel in this adorable name for a jolly baby girl. It's a French name for the holiday that many will recognize from popular carols. If your December baby is your favorite holiday gift why not immortalize the memory and give her a festive name? Every day of the year can be a holiday for this sweet little girl. It pairs beautifully as a middle name for Joy for those who wish to have a holiday-inspired name that's not quite so on the nose at first glance.

7 Robin

Cheerful robins are a popular winter bird. Their beautiful song brightens up cold and bleary days. Their lively burst of red feathers adds color to an often grey winter landscape. Robin is an adorable name for both boys and girls. As robins often welcome in the spring the name suits babies born on the cusp of both seasons. It's perfect for nature-loving families who wish to bring the wonder of the forest into their baby's life.

6 Eira

Pronounced just like the classic name Ira, this little girl's name is short, sweet and to the point. Eira is derived from Welsh. This sweet little name means "snow". This simple, delicate name is perfect for any little girl born in cold weather.

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Children with fair hair or skin could fit the name well too just like the princess Snow White. Any child will perfectly suit this weather-related name as it evokes images of beauty and purity.

5 Nicholas

If you happen to have a holly, jolly baby this name might just be a perfect choice. Your saintly little one with rosy cheeks and little bow lips will love knowing he shares a name with Santa. Your baby is the greatest gift of all so give him a name that makes you feel festive all year long. Your son will grow up feeling triumphant knowing that his classic name means "victory of the people". The name may just inspire him to become a leader of men.

4 Elsa

Elsa is a sweet name for any winter princess. It has a few meanings including "noble", "God's promise" and "Joyful". Disney skyrocketed this name to popularity so she'll be delighted to bump into others who share it throughout her life. Short, sweet, old fashioned names are hot right now, even when winter themed. For twin girls born in winter why not indulge your inner child and name your girls Anna and Elsa? Disney loving families are sure to eat up this delicious winter baby name. It will make any child feel special when she sees her magical namesake.

3 Yukon

Few words inspire thoughts of arctic tundras and swirling snowstorms like Yukon. The region is thought of as a frozen wasteland but it's a land rich in natural resources. The Yukon is a place for the toughest of the tough. This name suits an indomitable, sturdy little man.

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If your winter baby has persistence and grit this name may be perfect for him. There's even an added holiday bonus. The beloved character Yukon Cornelious can inspire Christmas wonder in your little one for years to come. Sharing a name with such a popular character is always a delight for a little one.

2 Holly

The holidays are full of symbolism and tradition. The name Holly is derived from old English and it means "to prick or poke". The popular evergreen plant has sharp, pointed leaves, hence the name. These bright red berries and deep green, glossy leaves are utterly inseparable from images of the winter season and holidays. It's a perfect name for Christmas babies, winter babies, and all plant lovers. Your baby will love hearing her name over and over in countless holiday songs.

1 Winter

It doesn't get much more on the nose than this. If your little one is expected in the cold months and you're looking for a name to commemorate it why not just go for Winter? Winter is a strong name for a little boy or girl. Perhaps the most fun that a baby named Winter will have is in discovering namesakes around the world. As they make friends in different hemispheres they can compare birthday months and enjoy the vast differences. Don't be afraid to adopt a playful spelling either. Names with contemporary spellings are gaining in popularity.

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