Dad Invents Hilarious Hack To ‘Breastfeed’ His Baby While Mom Is Away

It’s very common for dads of breastfed babies to feel left out during feeding times. Depending on the baby, it is a challenge for dad to give a bottle to their baby because they just simply refuse to take it.

So, of course, when mom wants to step out of the house, dad is hesitant that he’ll be able to do the job. However, as an example to fathers everywhere, one dad accepted the challenge and “breastfed” his daughter while mom was away. The result is pretty hilarious and worth a watch.

On Twitter, the dad posted a video of him feeding his baby a bottle that is strategically hidden under his shirt. The baby makes the cutest confused face in the world as she sucks from the bottle. She is enjoying being fed, but seeing her dad instead of her mom must have thrown her for a loop.

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The video has received thousands of positive comments praising the dad for his good work and has been retweeted over 67,000 times. Some have commented that he is “very creative” and should “[get] all the dad points for the week!”. Others have written comments describing how inspiring the video is such as: “This is what I call a real dad going the extra mile with some smart thinking! Kudos bro, fathers like him make me believe in mankind!”

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Even in our modern world, men still feel like the “B Team” to women when it comes to childcare. If the baby is crying, hand her to mom. If the baby needs to go to sleep, pass him to mom. It’s understandable that this happens because many men, and many first time dads, feel that they don’t know how to help. Especially if dad works away from home, he feels insecure about his parental instincts and defaults to mom to solve the problem.

But that’s why this dad is such a gem. He had a problem with feeding his baby and instead of calling his wife to come up with a solution, he made one himself. He stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. Dad’s everywhere should take note and be confident that they too can take care of their babies.

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