Dad Celebrates His SAHM Wife In Viral Post

Stay at home mom life is nothing but demanding, and one dad totally gets it. Brad Kearns, a father of three, showed his appreciation for his wife's dedication to their children in a viral Facebook post that wasn't quite what it first seemed.

Kearns begins his post by describing his workday as "exhausting" and proving it with the details of his long commute and taxing meetings. But then he moves on to explain how his wife's day is going. He starts by saying that she's doing "Not much really," but as he continues on, it's clear he doesn't really mean that at all.

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Massive day at work today. We have our monthly senior leadership meeting. I have to travel for a 5 hour round journey...

Posted by DaDMuM on Monday, November 12, 2018

Kearns makes it clear how complicated his wife's day goes in his next sentence, "All she has to do is get two boys up, dressed and fed whilst breastfeeding the third." If that's not a picture of multitasking, then really, what is? He continues on, describing their outing to the park, "Without letting go of [the baby whom she's nursing] she'll have to interact with and help the others on and off swings and stimulate them enough to not get bored." We can just picture a mom chasing after two young children while holding another who is latched on. He describes how after she handles dinner on her own, the same thing happens while she bathes the older two and prepares them for bed. And when Kearns finally gets home from work, mom will still be laying with one of the boys who is struggling to sleep.

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Stay at home moms are so often underappreciated by society. They are even considered lazy or living a life of leisure by some. And yet, these women are putting in 10 hours (at minimum) of work per day, and they're on-call generally 24 hours per day. Not only that, but they're doing the work of multiple jobs all at one time--the cleaning, cooking, childcare, and education of their children.

It's pretty amazing that there's a man out there who seems to totally get it. The way he cleverly draws our attention to the common criticisms of full-time moms and then turns it around exposes the truth in a way that truly brings about awareness. Go Dad!

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