Dad Faces Abuse Charges After His Baby Girl Is Diagnosed With Multiple Fractures

Trigger: Child injury.

Unfortunately, child abuse continues to happen to innocent victims all around the world. People in positions to care for children- daycare workers, caregivers, nannies and more- end up hurting children in terrible ways. Despite the best efforts of good people to not hire such awful individuals to be in positions of caring for children. But there's one more group of people that can be responsible for abusing children- their own parents.

In Shaler Township, Pennslyvania, one dad is facing legal troubles for abusing his baby girl after her horrific injuries came to light. 40-year-old Jamie Easley has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children- both of which are felonies. Easley is currently sitting in the Allegheny County Jail without any bail set as of yet. It's also unknown if he's retained any legal counsel at this point.

This all started when the unnamed baby girl was admitted to UPMC Children’s Hospital with severe injuries. These injuries include skull fractures, subdural hemorrhages, 19 rib fractures, and more fractures to the baby's legs and arms. Her mother also revealed to doctors that her baby hadn't eaten anything in almost two days.

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When he was questioned by investigators, Easely claimed that the baby's injuries had been caused by her older sibling pulling her off of a bed. But doctors have made it very clear that if his story is true, then it wouldn't have caused the extensive and severe injuries that the baby has. Eventually, however, Easely confessed that he grabbed his crying daughter and held her- presumably to calm her down. Instead, he squeezed her and gave her "a quick shake". This stopped the baby from crying but left terrible injuries in the process.

As for the baby, she was admitted to UPMC Children’s Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Her fragile condition has improved to serious, and the hope is that she'll fully recover. While the child's family is obviously hoping for her to get better, Shaler police are also hoping for the best, too.

"We got some news that the child may be improving, and we are hoping for a full recovery," said Lieutenant Sean Frank. "Our heartfelt sadness goes out to this child. Most of our officers have children and some have grandchildren and it’s really a gut-wrenching situation we’re dealing with."

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