This Dad Failed Miserably At His Very First Kindergarten Drop-Off

Dropping your child off at school for the first time can almost be as nerve-wracking for the parents as it is for the kids. And this dad’s embarrassing tale of taking his child to kindergarten will remind us why.

Ian Backstrom was dropping his child off at kindergarten for the first time. While that may seem like an easy task, the flustered dad managed to screw it up royally. His wife, Mary Katherine Backstrom, who’s a writer for Mom Babble, shared her husband’s hilarious story to social media. Unsurprisingly, the tale has gone viral.

"I totally biffed my first kindergarten car line drop off," Ian began the post. "Everything was going great… initially. I found the line, I executed a very precise and controlled curb pull-up." He added that he was “cool and collected” as he pulled his car out of the drop-off area. But that’s when he heard a strange thud come from beneath his car.

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"I plowed over the ridiculously large orange traffic cone," Ian explained, saying that those around him started freaking out. "The man driving in front of me, as well as multiple safety patrollers, began frantically yelling at me and waving me down.”

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The dad continued, "I got out of the car, frazzled, stopping the whole drop off line, my bald head beet red with embarrassment." Unfortunately, things only got worse from there. Ian struggled to remove the cone from underneath his car, which only angered the line-up of cars that had formed behind him.

"When I emerged from underneath the truck with the cone, it looked like one of those end-of-the-world scenes where everyone steps out of their cars in traffic to watch the tsunami disaster ruin everything," he explained. "Except I was the disaster." Ian also said, "The cone looked like the crumpled Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.”

Things got even cringier when Ian subsequently drove himself to work. It wasn’t until he got there that a co-worker “kindly pointed out” that the had a dark streak of dirt on his forehead, likely from when he was trying to wrangle the cone out from underneath his car.

The father went on to explain that he’s unsure how he’ll ever be able to show his face at school drop-off again. But considering that this kid just started kindergarten, we don’t think it’s something he can avoid. To make it even worse, his mother-in-law witnessed the whole thing and will likely be bringing this cringe-worthy incident up at family dinners for years to come.

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"How do I come back from this, folks?" Ian asked at the end of his post. "I have the scarlet letter of carline doofus forever on my Dad record." He also took it as an opportunity to remind fellow parents that they’re doing a great job (probably a better one than him, he says!) ."Don’t worry if your first day was a disaster, I lowered the bar. Compared to me, you are doing great. And I’m going to go into hiding now,” he wrote.

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