Dad Innocently Mistakes Diaper Cover For Toddler Hat

Fathers really do deserve more credit than what the world gives them. It’s true that they're not bumbling idiots who are incapable of changing a diaper or putting their baby down for a nap. They also have parental instincts and are very important in a child’s life. That being said, however, no one's perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

More recently, one dad in Lindstrom, Minnesota made the adorable mistake of putting a homemade diaper cover on his toddler’s head, thinking it was a hat. His wife noticed this when she went to pick their daughter up from daycare, only to realize that she had no hat on. With Minnesota getting cold, a hat would be an absolute necessity for any young child. But when she saw a knit diaper cover instead, it all made sense.

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The mother first texted him explaining that the "hat" in question was a diaper cover since there were holes for where legs should be. The dad gave quite a logical and forward-thinking response by texting, “Oh, I thought those were for like pigtails”

With that response, the mother showed the conversation to her daycare workers and then to Facebook, where it went viral.

I love you David Braun! 😂😂

Posted by Ashley Braun on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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Giving the dad the benefit of the doubt, he did find something to cover his toddler’s head in freezing weather. He was probably in a rush to get them to daycare on time and grabbed the first piece of clothing that looked like a hat. The toddler didn’t even bat an eye or notice that she was wearing a diaper cover.

Intrigued by this silly incident, the mother said, “If it wasn't very small and meant for an infant or newborn tush, I'd definitely try the pigtails with it."

To be fair, women have done the same thing by making crocheted beanies with holes on top to make room for a cute messy bun. So, why can't a toddler have something similar?

The mother went on to explain that her husband has sent their daughter to daycare in several mismatched outfits before. She’s donned a swim shirt, pajama pants, colors that don’t match, and mismatched patterns. But in the end, she's grateful for the help and appreciates what her husband does for their family.

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