This Dad Has Been Left Heartbroken After His Wife Kicked Him Out Of The Delivery Room

Despite three months having passed, this dad is still devastated after his wife didn't want him in the delivery room for the birth of their baby.

Childbirth is one of the most amazing things we as humans will ever see and experience in our lifetimes. An almost miraculous time which ends with a brand new member of the family being ushered into the world. Let's not window dress it though, it can also be pretty traumatic. At the end of the day, you are pushing a brand new human being out of your body and things can get pretty messy.

If your partner is right there with you, they are going to see you in ways that they have never seen you before. And ways that they will never see you again, unless you have more children, of course. For some women, they can't bear the thought of being that vulnerable or in that way with their partner watching on and simply don't want them in the delivery room for the birth.

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That happened to this anonymous Reddit dad in an act that has left him heartbroken. The new father took to Reddit to reveal that his wife asked for him to leave the delivery room right at the last second. "Just before she was about to deliver, she told me that she didn't want me there," he wrote. Apparently, the couple had discussed how magical a moment it would be for the two of them to experience.

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Three months later not only is the dad still devastated, but he hasn't told his wife how upset not being able to witness the birth of his daughter has made him. His wife has been talking about going on date nights to have a break from the baby, but he is still so hurt by her actions that he doesn't want to go on dates with her. His reason for taking to Reddit is to ask whether he is in the wrong for feeling the way that he does and if he should explain his feeling to his wife.

As with pretty much everything in the present day, online opinion has been split. While most agree that the dad can feel however he wants to feel, a large chunk think that going about it in the way that he has and continues to do is not healthy. Many have also reminded him how crazy a time childbirth is, and a woman who has never been through it before has no idea what she is going to be like and what she might want or not want in the moment.


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