Dad's Rant For Stay-At-Home-Mom's Sick Day Sparks Online Debate

One father is pretty upset after his sick wife was a little unresponsive to their children while she was sick.

In an angry post on Reddit, user u/areyoukiddingme detailed the situation, in an attempt to find who the bad guy is in the ordeal. According to the post, he normally works long hours while his wife stays at home. Normally, this isn't a big issue for the father or the mother, but this one day seems to create the perfect storm. After taking the children to church, and doing general house chores, their three-year-old daughter was trying to get the attention of the mother. Unfortunately, she was feeling pretty sick, so she didn't pay much attention to the toddler's pleas while she was cuddling with their six-year-old.

"While I was putting away laundry our three-year-old kept trying to get my wife’s attention while she was cuddling with our six-year-old. She finally left the room and said 'I’m going to bed' That never happens so I went to check on her," writes the father in a post we edited for style and grammatical purposes). "She said mom won’t play with me (she said look at this and my wife was too focused on the TV."


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This upset the dad, and it caused an argument between the two parents, especially when the mother didn't seem to be too bothered by how upset he was getting. When things escalated a little more, she explained how she has been sick all day, but the author of the post didn't want her playing the victim in this situation.

Sure, it sounds a little petty, but that doesn't mean the post didn't gain traction. In fact, most users were not on his side. There are a few reasons why. To start, the story seems way too one-sided to be accurate at all.  Also, his work schedule would not leave any room for him to spend time with the children if he was being truthful. Yet, those seemed like secondary issues, as a majority of the users believed he needed to ease up because his wife was sick.

"She's sick and already interacting with one child so she's not failing to parent," writes one user (in another slightly edited post). "You make it sound like she exists to take care of the kids full time and you're doing her a favor by actually parenting."

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In fact, many parents gave stories on how difficult it is to raise a three-year-old, especially when you're sick. Many were quick to point out that at that age, children are incredibly demanding for attention, even when it's not always realistic. By giving into the child every time, you run the risk of creating other problems down the line. Many studies back that up too. In fact, the CDC recommends ignoring as a means to stop certain behavior from a child. By doing this, parents do not feed into some attention-seeking tendencies children display when they're misbehaving.

With that in mind, the father says the three-year-old was trying to say "I love you" to her mom. Without proper context, it is difficult to know who is in the right here, but it could be entirely possible that the mom was trying to give dedicated time to one child, which is increasingly difficult with a toddler in the house.

Regardless, this could just be chalked up to two tired (and one sick) parents with two young children getting into a fight because they're both overworked. Hopefully, they managed to work out their issues and can focus on giving their kids a great childhood.


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