Dad Saves Baby's Life Thanks To Watching ER TV Show!

Andrew Davis, 44 years old, was driving his girlfriend, Sarah Pearson, to the hospital after she had gone into labor at home. On the way, the baby decided to make a very quick arrival and landed in the footwell of the car. When Andrew saw that the baby was turning blue and was not breathing, he suddenly remembered an episode from the TV show, ER, and saved the babies life. 

In the episode, the baby had also landed in the footwell, and was patted on the back to try and revive the baby. Andrew sprung into action and did just that. All of a sudden fluids cleared and the baby started to breathe and cry! Where was the ambulance? They called the emergency services but they were declined immediate help as they were not considered a "priority call."

The good news is that everyone is fine and healthy! So I guess sometimes, TV can come in handy! So thankful that Andrew did not miss that episode! What a Hero! 

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