New Dad Sparks Debate After Sending In-Laws Bizarre List Of Rules For Visiting The Baby

Becoming a new parent brings on a whirlwind of emotionsjoy, excitement, pride, fear, and perhaps a little bit of anxiety. Babes are so tiny and fragile, many first-time parents have been known to be overprotective, at least in the first few months of the baby's life. This is exactly what a new father did by sending the in-laws a very detailed email outlining a list of things they could and could not do around his baby.

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However, his innocent post asking whether or not he's being rational with his demands has sparked feelings in the online community. According to a post from The Sun, his requirements for visitation doesn't sound all that strict. Some rules include not coming to the hospital if you're sick, no overwhelming scents like perfume or cologne, no children under 18, and only staying for a short amount of time. His wife approved of the email, both believing that these requests were well within their rights as new parents.

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While a few of their relatives found it both an odd and amusing email, they respected their wishes and gave notice of their arrival. Unfortunately, not everyone was so considerate to the new parents. Specifically, both sets of in-laws, who showed up unannounced, and also overstayed their welcome. Being overwhelmed and overtired, the altercation between the parents and their family members did not end on happy terms. In fact, the father was bombarded with accusations of being overprotective and unkind.

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Luckily, after his post on the internet started to get some views, strangers from all over seemed to be taking his side. Comments have stated that he was well within his own right as the father of the newborn to protect his child while also allowing his wife time to recuperate. Others made it clear that he's allowed to set his own rules, and that family members need to respect his decisions.

It's possible that this new father might've gone a bit overboard when trying to shelter his baby during their first few days of life, but it could've also been a lot worse. It wasn't like he forbade the in-laws from coming entirely...just said no perfume or presents, please!

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