Dad Of Seven Shows How He Has Fully Baby-Proofed His Home

A dad of seven children shares how he designed his home to be the most baby-friendly home!

Chad Kempel lives in San Mateo, California. Chad and his wife, Amy, have seven children together. They have a four-year-old daughter named Savannah and a three-year-old daughter named Avery. The couple wanted to have more children. Amy and Chad lost their twins prematurely and then they had four miscarriages. They decided to try to conceive another child through fertility treatments. As a result, the couple didn't have one child, they ended up getting pregnant with five little babies. Amy delivered the Quintuplets and they named them Lincoln, Noelle, Grayson, Preston, and Gabriella who are now 18 months old. The babies were all born at 27 weeks and they each weighed about 2.5 pounds. By some miracle, all five of the babies survived.

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Chad knew that he had their hands full and that it was going to be a difficult task keeping everybody safe. For the past year, Chad has baby-proofed his home to make sure that their children were as safe as possible. Chad looked into a lot of different products to keep his kids safe and to help do basic tasks. However, he found that the things that they sell in the store can get very pricey. He decided to make most all of his stuff. He turned their van into a baby bus. The baby bus has changing tables and then a television so that the older girls could watch a show while Amy and Chad change and dress the five children. Chad made a special table to help with mealtime and they even created a system to help with their bottle feeding.

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Chad even created his own stroller to hold all 5 of the children in the stroller at once. He now holds a world record for the fastest time from anybody to run a marathon while pushing a 5 child stroller with him. During the marathon, he even decided to run an extra mile with his children making it 27 miles. He wanted to commemorate the fact that his wife already carried the children for 27 weeks.

This family has certainly had to learn how to do things that other parents don't have to do. They have learned tricks to make diapering, dressing, feeding and playing with the five children less time consuming and make things a little less hectic. He has also had to do the ultimate baby-proofing to make sure that all 7 of his children are safe and that they are protected in their home.

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