Dad Shares Heartwarming Time-Lapse Video Of His Daughter Every Day From Birth To 20

One thousand and forty weeks make up twenty years. One dedicated father, Fran Hofmeester, captured daughter Lotte on film each of those weeks as a tribute to her. The doting dad began his commitment to this project two decades ago, in 1999. Yet recently, the Dutchman shared a five-minute progression of his child’s life on YouTube. The short clip has accumulated more than 1.2 million views in just a month.

The time-lapse of the young woman’s life is captivating, to say the least. It's also unfiltered, unaltered, raw, and real. The patience, time, and commitment put in by her father is evident. As you watch the video, you witness Lotte in so many stages of life. It almost feels like you’re there watching her grow.

As viewers, we witness the small blue-eyed, infant blossom into a doll-like toddler. Next, we fall in love with a small child who's sporting pigtails. Moments later, we're intrigued by an awkward pre-teen wearing her first set of glasses. Sometimes her eyes appear more hazel or green, depending on her ensemble. As the tribute continues, we find ourselves in awe of a teen sporting braces becoming a young woman who's the epitome of beauty, style, and poise.

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This man deserves a Father of the Year award, no doubt. Lotte is a lucky lady! In the caption under this illustration of love reads, “He wanted to capture the changes because they were happening so fast so he started filming here every week.”

People have shared various sentiments in the comments section on both YouTube and Twitter. This tear-jerker father-daughter duo made a serious social media splash, and viewers couldn't be more touched. There should be a disclaimer stating, “Crying likely, grab tissues.”

The post has sparked interest in what the next twenty years could hold for Lotte. Will she be an athlete? Will she try her luck at modeling or acting? Will she pursue education? The sky's the limit for her. But we can all agree she has a way with the camera. Perhaps she'll follow in her father’s footsteps and take a turn behind the lens. Onlookers will have to remain in suspense as she finds her way. One thing's for sure- don’t blink, or else you might miss it.

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