California Mother Shocked After Father Shaves Baby’s Head Without Telling Her

Note to all the dads out there, don't shave your baby's head without asking the mom first, even if it is a tradition in your culture.

Having and caring for your first baby is the biggest learning curve most of us will ever face. All of a sudden we have a human life to mold. A person that is entirely dependent on us for absolutely everything, especially during the very early stages of their lives. Despite having known this little person for a matter of days, we become fiercely protective of them and would give our lives for theirs without a second thought.

What you definitely don't want to go and do is drastically alter that baby in some way and leave the mom to find out after the deed has been done. Thankfully, on this occasion, the change made was nothing that hurt the baby. However, the little girl's mom was still left to find out after the fact as you can see in the clip below, courtesy of ABC.

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Jasmin Aileen Valero left her partner to look after their baby daughter, something she admits she doesn't need to do very often. "The one time I ask him to watch her so I can sleep in," the California mom wrote in the tweet in which she shared the reveal of her baby's newly bald head to the world.

During daddy's bonding time with his daughter, he decided to shave her head without consulting mom. Big mistake, and as you can see, Valero is incredibly taken aback when she first sees her daughter's hairless scalp. The little girl, on the other hand, appears to find the whole thing incredibly funny. Chances are she won't be laughing so much when she's old enough to realize almost 4 million people (and counting) have seen the video above.

The dad didn't shave his daughter's head just for laughs. Apparently, cutting a baby's hair when they're young is commonplace in Mexican culture, with the hope that it will then grow back thicker and longer. Although Valero had agreed to do this in principle, the couple had also agreed to wait until a slightly later date. Too late for that now, we guess.

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