Dad Takes Extreme Measures To Show Teen Son With Pregnant Girlfriend That Parenting Is Not "Easy"

When kids act blindly, it's their parents' responsibilities to show them the bare truth – this is precisely something this dad is doing with his son who got his girlfriend pregnant and is pretty nonchalant about it.

The father who chose to be anonymous is happy that his son had shared the news of his girlfriend's pregnancy with them, but what bothers him is his casual attitude towards parenthood. The kid feels parenting is "no big deal," and they can easily rear a child. He is 17, and his girlfriend is 16; both haven't yet graduated high school, and they want to raise a child. According to the father, they both are nothing but irresponsible.

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The dad’s story on Reddit says, “According to him, having a child is 'easy' and not 'really that hard. "We tried to persuade him to look at other options, but he was adamant that they were going to have the kid, and that was the end of that."

Since the information has been shared, the family is in tension, and every time he tried to speak to his son, "the situation is immediately shut-down, and my son refuses to see what we are attempting to show him,” says the dad.

As the kid is not open to any discussions and has no intentions of talking about his future baby, the dad has decided to deal with the situation in his way. Through a multistep plan and practical examples, he wanted to give his child a sense of parenthood. He started with waking him up twice at night by screaming near his door.

Next, he bought bags of flour to teach his son how it feels to change soiled diapers every two hours. He says, “I purchased a sack of flour for him and dressed it in a diaper. I have made him change the diaper every 2 hours, and if he doesn't, I shut off the internet until he changes it. I will sometimes smear Nutella in the diaper for added effect/mess.”

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The dad also once intruded him in the middle of the game, saying, "his "baby" wanted to be held." The kid seemed to enjoy it, so with a smile, he took the flour sack in his arms and started playing with the other hand. Just then, the father went to the kitchen, grabbed a small cup of applesauce, and splashed it on his shoulder. He said, "His “baby” spit up, and he might want to pause his game to take care of that.”

via: thebump.com

His hangouts and movies have also stopped, and the kid has not been out of the house for a week. When he asked his father why, the dad's typical response was, "babies demand attention, and he will have to get used to this.”

The father has spoken to the girlfriend as well, and she is open to other available options, provided the son is ready.

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