This Dad Wants To Know Whether He's In The Wrong For Refusing To Help With Nighttime Baby Duties

A dad who works 70 hour weeks has taken to Reddit to find out whether he is in the wrong for leaving his wife to deal with their newborns at night.

We don't want to alarm any of you who have babies on the way, but nothing can prepare you for how much your sleep schedule will be disrupted. Newborn babies know nothing of night and day, and why would they? They might sleep a lot, but that sleeping isn't necessarily reserved to the nighttime when you want to get some shut eye.

Never fear, it will get easier with time. Your little one will eventually learn that when it's dark it's time to sleep and when it's light they can demand our attention. That won't happen for a while though, and during those early days, you will want as much help as you can get.

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If you are lucky enough to be in a loving relationship then you can tag team the task at hand. However, as a Dad on Reddit recently pointed out, life goes on. While it's possible to have some time off work, eventually you have to return. The dad works 70 hours or more a week and is struggling to deal with his job while also wake up in the night to care for his newborn twins. That's why he has turned to the internet to ask a controversial question, reports Parents.

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He wants to know whether it's okay that he is refusing to help with his children during the night and leaving those shifts to his wife. His wife is currently not at work, and the dad claims that she is able to nap during the day as they have a nanny. He obviously doesn't have that luxury at work. The dad points out that he takes care of the twins at the weekend and also after he has finished work.

As always, the web is split. Some have rushed to the defense of the mom, pointing out that the dad took on the extra responsibility when he decided to have children. Others have taken another stance, highlighting how his work performance might dip if he isn't sleeping and that could be detrimental in the long run. It's a tricky situation, and perhaps one that doesn't have a perfect answer.


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