Dad’s Exercise Before Conception Impacts The Baby’s Health

A recent study showed that men who have a regular exercise routine before conception will be less likely to have a child who has a metabolic issue.

Many studies target the woman's health when discussing the conception and the overall health of the pregnancy. Recently more studies have shown that the man's health plays a huge role in the conception, pregnancy and even the health of the child. One of the most recent studies showed that the father's exercise routine before conception will greatly affect the health of the child once born. The study showed that dad's exercise before conception plays a role in a child's body weight and glucose tolerance.

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Scientists at Ohio State University decided to take a theory and test it on mice. They had one group of mice that they fed a high-fat diet with no access to exercise. They didn't allow even an exercise wheel. After three weeks they had the mice breed with female mice. On the other end, they had a group of mice where they fed a healthy diet and encouraged them to exercise by providing them a wheel. The healthy mice were then bred with female mice. The baby mice that were conceived from the unhealthy rats had many more issues with their metabolic health than those rats who were conceived from the healthy rats. Researchers believe that this can easily be compared to humans. A father's exercise before conception can greatly improve the child's metabolic health.


The experts involved in the study said that exercising before conception is such a great way to help improve the child's health. Not only does exercise improve the health of the father, but it can also help his children. For the scientists, it seems like a no-brainer that fathers should be creating a consistent exercise routine before they decide to have children in order to give their child the best possible chance to live the healthiest life.

The results of the study show how important it is for men to be conscientious about their health. The pressure isn't only on women. Men play a role in the health of the child as well!

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