Daily Exercise Can Help Improve Children's Test Scores

Researchers have found that children who are more physically active are more likely to have better test scores. Many parents are aware that exercise is good for their children, both mentally and physically. With better grades and absorption of knowledge in the classroom, kids can be a lot happier and healthier.

The Department of Health recommends that children do at least an hour of physical activity every day. Exercise helps strengthen kids’ muscles and bones, and it helps them grow better. Other than the physical benefits, getting to play sports or run around with other kids is a good break from the rigour of school. Staying active helps release hormones that make you happier and more excited. Playing with other kids also helps them develop their social skills. Nothing is better than having a friend to play out in the sun with.

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Researchers observed 86 children in primary school in the UK, and they recorded their physical activity levels and their academic attainment. Through the analysis of their results, they found that there is an association between physical inactivity and academic performance. Those who were more active tended to have better scores than the kids who did not exercise as much as their peers.

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Kids who enjoy exercise are a lot healthier and more alert, so they probably pay closer attention in class or while they’re studying. Other than physical benefits, there are many other factors that could contribute to this correlation. Those on sports teams usually need to make a grade requirement to keep playing, so they are more motivated to keep their grades up than kids who aren’t on a team.

The World Health Organization is strongly encouraging parents to get their kids to exercise, especially in a rapidly urbanizing and digitizing society. Physical activity is important for kids’ physical, mental, and social development. Now, with this new research, it can be said that exercise is also important for their academic development. It may be more difficult to get your kids playing out in the sun because of their video games at home, but it is a worthwhile effort. Parents can start by being a role model themselves; kids can’t get motivated to exercise if they see that their guardians are never up and moving either.

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