Damnit, Pinterest: I Try To Use A Bullet Journal

You might have guessed I’m not exactly the most fastidious person you’ve ever met. Did my #hotmessmom tag give it away? Or was it the fact that I wrote a piece about how to fake a clean house? It’s not that I don’t love being organized - I do! But getting organized and staying organized are two different things. And staying organized in my house is an uphill battle (see: toddler, husband). I’ve decided to try something that’s been intriguing me for years in an attempt to pull myself together - a bullet journal! It’s basically an organizational planner that you can design yourself to exactly fit your needs and tastes. It’s something Ideal Amanda creates Pinterest boards about and Realistic Amanda usually gets too overwhelmed to try. Of course, I decided the best time to give this organizational and planning tool a spin is during a move into a new home.

What I Have

With a stencil, anyone can be an artist.

Key And Index

Standard bullet journal methodology says you need a key for symbols and colors used in the journal, along with an index to help locate your information. Yes, these things both make sense. But I know myself. And Ideal Amanda will put together a key for symbols and will promptly forget it and never reference it again. Realistic Amanda will use an index but won’t have things in groupings that make any sort of sense. I’m trying to make a bullet journal work with Realistic Amanda here. Maybe if I figure out how to make this BuJo thing work in my actual real life, I’ll become a better version of myself. That’s what we’re supposed to think about these things, right?

My Layouts

That's a beautiful weekly spread! (The Silhouette)
  • Future Log
  • Monthly Spread (I basically didn’t use this, but I blame the move)
  • Weekly Spreads (I don’t like the layout I tried)
  • Habit Tracker
  • Saving Tracker
  • Receipt Envelope
  • Nail Polish Swatch Log (Because I purged most of my polishes)
  • Writing Prompts (for this blog)
  • Packing Lists
  • Boxes Index (for the move)

Organization Schmorganization

This is why my Pinterest has been overtaken by bullet journal pins. That's a mood tracker layout! (Happiness is Homemade)

It feels very adult to have all of this on paper, and to have one dedicated place to keep all lists and notes. Again, I was only able to set up a few pieces. This is going to be a trial and error process to figure out which layouts work best for me (and if I can find pens that don’t bleed-through). That’s ok - I am hoping that the bullet journal can help me make organization a discipline that I hone over time.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have loads of ideas on how to make life more organized. Of course, every person has a different learning style - and mine is what I like to call, “Adult ADD”. If I’m being honest with myself, I can admit that I will probably not make a success out of this BuJo thing long-term. Drawing and doodling on the layouts is calming and enjoyable, for sure. While I probably don’t have time to keep that going consistently (kids are such a wild card in timing), any little bit helps. And if those little bits add up into a routine, maybe I can turn Realistic Amanda into Ideal Amanda! I’ll add that to my future log for next month.

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