Dance Moms: 20 Fascinating Facts About The Show's Upcoming 8th Season

Good news, Dance Moms Fans! Dance teacher extraordinaire Abby Lee Miller is living on the dance floor once again. Miller took to social media right before the new year to reveal she’d be back to coach a team of talented dancers for season eight of Dance Moms!

On the 2017 season seven finale of the show, Abby was headed to prison, her team was in shambles, and the future of Dance Moms didn’t look very bright. Fans of the show resigned themselves to the fact that their guilty pleasure filled with screaming matches, sequins galore, and amazing dance routines may be at an end. Even die-hard OG Nia and her mom, Holly, proclaimed they were done putting up with Miller’s antics.

Soon after the finale aired, Miller began a stint in prison for fraud, and the drama didn’t stop there. Soon after her release, the polarizing award-winning choreographer responsible for launching the professions of the Ziegler sisters and Jojo Siwa was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive type of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Luckily, Abby isn’t allowing any of these hardships to keep her down.

Those who are chomping at the bit for the next installment of Dance Moms don’t need to wait any longer for their Abby fix. Read on for some intriguing facts and juicy tidbits about the show’s upcoming eighth season.

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20 Abby Lee Miller Is Back


She’s baaaack! It may seem too good to be true, but Abby Lee Miller is a gift that keeps on giving. She’s tough, she’s unconventional and she isn’t afraid to be fabulous. It would have been easy for Abby to disappear from the spotlight after everything she’s been through, but that simply isn’t her style.

In trailers for the upcoming season, Abby is seen running auditions for her new team from an electric wheelchair while rocking a stylish wig and a shimmering silver and black sequined top. It’s no surprise that the nation’s top dancers showed up to compete for a chance to work with Miller, and, if the rumors are true, the kids she ended up selecting are shaping up to be some of the best she’s ever worked with.

19 Abby Is Choreographing From A Wheelchair


Over the years, the dance moms Abby has worked with have questioned her artistic decisions at every turn. They have seemed to think they know better than her what will work well in a dance, and have often scoffed at her strange choreography only to be silenced when said choreography takes first place overall at a prestigious dance competition.

It’s safe to say that Miller knows what she’s doing when it comes to choreographing amazing pieces, and she isn’t letting a little thing like a wheelchair slow her down in the slightest. In a recent post on social media, Abby shared a pic of her students warming up along with the caption, “Rehearsal time! Who do you think was top of the pyramid?”

18 Jojo Siwa Will Make A Guest Appearance


Jojo Siwa is one of Abby’s former students who hasn’t forgotten where she got her start on the road to fame. Siwa recently revealed to People magazine, “I have a lot of respect for Abby and she taught me a lot of things, not only about dance but simple things like manners in a restaurant.”

Miller recently shared a pic to social media in which Jojo is seen posing with the current ALDC Elites. The caption of the shot reads, such a fun week. "Thank you so much @itsjojosiwa.” We can’t wait to see what Jojo is up to when she stops by her former stomping grounds for a visit!

17 A Boy Has Joined The Team


Abby has had boys come in as guests from time to time in the past, but has never boasted a male dancer as a permanent member of the elite ALDC team...until Miami native, Brady Farrar joined her team for season eight. It appears Farrar is a force to reckoned with in his own right.

Farrar’s home studio is Stars Dance Studio, which has been featured on Dance Moms: Miami. He won the Hope Award at YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) in 2017, and has been dancing since the age of 5. He and his mom, Tricia Farrar, will appear on the show’s upcoming season.

16 Things Are Going To Get Raw


Tensions have run high on Dance Moms ever since its pilot episode, but getting emotional about a girl’s headpiece coming loose during a routine and discussing the fact that Abby came within inches of death are two very different levels of drama.

In the season eight trailer, it is explained that “Burkitt lymphoma is extremely rare in the spinal column” and that Abby had a “very aggressive tumor.” A reporter is heard asking one of Abby’s doctors, “would you call this emergency surgery? Like, if you would have waited longer would it have gotten worse?” The doctor immediately responds with, “She would have died.” The serious themes this season of the show faces are like nothing it has covered before.

15 Everyone's Replaceable


One of Abby’s most famous catchphrases has become “Everyone’s replaceable,” and she’s doing all she can to prove that these words are true. She has searched far and wide to find the best of the best and has built a new team filled with talented, fresh faces from around the country.

Lilliana Ketchman and Elliana Walmsley are the only two returning members. They are joined by new cast members Brady Farrar, GiaNina Paolantonio, Hannah Colin, Sarah Georgiana, Pressley Hosbach, Savannah Kristich, and Kamryn Smith. In early February, Abby captioned a team pic that she posted on social media, “Here’s to new beginnings! Who will stay? Who will go? Stay tuned!”

14 Maddie And The Show's Other OGs Won't Be Returning 


While it’s no surprise, fans of the show may be sad to learn that past members of the ALDC Kendall, Brynn, Nia, Kalani, Maddie, and Mackenzie will not be returning for another season of the show. Maddie and Mackenzie made their departures long before the other girls to pursue other television opportunities including So You Think You Can Dance Kids and Dancing With the Stars Juniors.

After an explosive end to the show’s seventh season, Kendall and Kalani joined forces with former cast member Chloe to go on a tour they dubbed “The Irreplaceables.” All of the girls are now bonafide social media stars, but Abby seems to be doing just fine without them.

13 New Moms, New Drama


Abby is notorious for not getting along with the parents of her darling dance students. The mothers of the children on the new team may be on their best behavior for now, but it’s safe to assume there will be drama. Abby captioned a recent social media post featuring the team heading to a competition “We’re on our way to the comp! I wonder what craziness is going to happen today? Yikes!”

According to IBTimes.com, rumors of dance mama drama have already been reported. The site states, “Brady was rumored to have entered a solo which was later pulled from the competition. Rumors suggest the number was removed due to an argument between his mother and the show’s producers.”

12 Abby Isn't Afraid To Be Vulnerable This Time Around


Another of Abby’s most well-known catchphrases is “save your tears for your pillow,” but the tough-as-nails dance teacher tearfully states on a teaser for the upcoming season of the show, “I was ready to go back to work and start my life over and now I can’t even walk.”

She also tells cameras, “I’m starting chemotherapy for cancer,” and allowed camera crews to film her as she received help adjusting one of her wigs and fought through the early days of physical therapy. She may have worn a tough veneer in past seasons, but this time around, she isn’t afraid to share the good, the bad and the ugly with her fans.

11 Be Prepared To See A Different Side Of Abby 


Abby has made a name for herself as a strong-willed, no-nonsense studio director who doesn’t allow anyone to get her down. She doesn’t put up with complaints and has been accused of favoring certain students by more than one of the dance moms she’s worked with.

The eighth season of the show promises to bring the drama just like it always has, but it seems all of Abby’s hardships have softened her tough exterior. She has shared many pics of her new team smiling and having a great time together while traveling and at competitions. She stills doesn’t mess around when it comes to dancing, but she appears to be genuinely invested in and loving towards all of her current students.

10 Abby Is Undergoing Physical Therapy During Filming


As mentioned above, Abby is in the process of learning to walk again and is still wheelchair bound. Because of this, she is undergoing intense physical therapy to help her in the rehabilitation process.

Abby recently shared a video of herself making the most of her physical therapy sessions. In the clip, which has since gone viral, Miller is seen performing a flawlessly graceful port de bras (movement of the arms) during a therapy session. Miller recently captioned a pic of herself smiling brightly during PT, “Still giving it my all three days a week at physical therapy. Thanks to everyone at Healthsouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Center!”

9 Miller Is Returning To Pittsburg


After establishing herself as one of the most sought-after and successful dance teachers out there in early seasons of Dance Moms, Abby made the decision to move her team and her studio to Los Angeles, California. After enduring prison and chemotherapy, Abby has decided it’s time to head back to where it all began.

On the aforementioned trailer for the upcoming season, a determined Abby tells the cameras, “I need to get back to teaching, and I need to get back to screaming at children. I need to get back to my roots. I’m gonna take these kids right back to Pittsburg.”

8 Giana Is Back As Miller's Right-Hand Girl


Through the seemingly endless turmoil and mama drama Abby has dealt with over the years, Abby’s assistant choreographer and right-hand girl Gianna Martello has always had her back. Martello has stepped in on more than one occasion to fill Abby’s very big shoes in emergency situations. She’s a talented teacher and choreographer and has worked with the elite ALDC teams for countless hours behind the scenes.

Miller recently posted a pic of herself and Gianna posing together on social media and captioned the shot, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” It’s definitely a fact that when Abby and Gianna team up, the results are magical.

7 The Team Is Traveling To Weekly Competitions


Abby, Gianna, the team dancers, and the moms have been posting weekly spoilers about what they’re up to. They have been traveling every week to competitions in the eastern US, and, according to what has been shared, are doing quite well everywhere they go.

Abby has shared many adorable pictures and videos of her students having fun on the bus, dining together at fancy restaurants, greeting their adoring fans as they arrive at competitions, and getting performance ready backstage. All of these sneak peeks into life on the road are making us oh-so-excited to see the details play out on television in the very near future.

6 Be Prepared For Dance Pieces With Dark Themes


Abby is known for choreographing dance pieces with controversial themes, and this season, fans should prepare themselves for some beautifully dark dances. Among them is a dance entitled "Broken Heart,” a dance that pays homage to the late Freddie Mercury, and a dance that features a coffin as a prop.

Abby recently shared a video of ALDC dancer Elliana Walmsley standing in a plastic kiddie pool and cringing as fake plasma is poured all over her pretty pink dance costume. It’s safe to say that when it comes to the pieces premiering during Season 8, things are going to get dark in the best of ways.

5 Abby Is Ready To Be Back In The Spotlight


Abby’s ability to be unabashedly herself and her vibrant, strong persona is what has made her so beloved among her fans around the globe. After a trying year filled with many more downs than ups, Abby is ready for a fresh start.

She is facing her current challenges with a smile on her face, and isn’t allowing the many hardships she’s overcome to stop her from continuing to do what she loves: teach children how to dance, perform, and work hard be the very best versions of themselves. The eighth season of Dance Moms promises to be inspiring, unforgettable and so much fun.

4 The Team Seems To Be Getting Along... So Far


 It appears that the new elite ALDC team is getting along great so far. Abby’s dancers are seen smiling, putting their arms around each other, laughing out loud, and having an all-around great time in every pic of the team shared to social media. Time will tell if the drama is boiling beneath the surface of this seemingly blissful new crop of star dancers.

Speaking about her relationships with her students, and the fact that she’s more than just a strict dance teacher, Abby has shared, “I’ve done a lot of nice things for my [students]...I take them to dinners, to movies, to Broadway shows. Most of my kids...have never seen a plane or been to a five-star hotel.”

3 The ALDC Is Still A Force To Be Reckoned With 


It appears that Abby’s new team is definitely a force to reckoned with. The results of the first competition the all-new ALDC Elite team attended have been leaked and IBTimes.com has reported, “The group received first in the junior division for their lyrical number 'Broken Heart.’”

What is Abby’s secret to success? According to DailyMail Online, Abby chooses to be strict with her students because their parents aren’t. Miller admitted, “I have bigger dreams for these kids than they have for themselves. I want them to be better...I want them to win...Life is a competition.”

2 Season 8 Will Premiere This Summer


Ever since Abby took to social media in December of 2018 to write, “OMG! Can you believe I’m going to film Season 8 of Dance Moms! Yes, it’s official!” She has been busy sharing teasers for the show’s upcoming season, which is set to premiere on the Lifetime network on June 4th.

Miller recently shared a pic on social media of herself smiling for the cameras and captioned the shot, “Another interview for Season 8!” She then added, “Dance Moms, ‘You can’t handle the truth!’” She added the hashtag #thebestisyettocome and we can’t say we disagree. Summer can’t come soon enough!

1 Abby Can't Wait To Show The World Her New Team 


In a teaser for the upcoming eighth season, which has been aptly titled Dance Moms: Resurrection, Abby tells the hopeful dancers vying for a coveted spot on her new team, “There’s people that counted me out...though I was finished...considered the ALDC dead.”

She boldly continued, “Well, I’ve fought hard to be here, and you have to be a fighter too. You have to fight to get those legs straight, fight to get better feet. You have to fight to be champion. I have my own personal goals, and I have goals for the team. I need to be ready for that first competition. We need to make a statement on that stage that the ALDC is back and...watch out!”

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