Dancing Can Be Beneficial For Labor

One OBGYN believes dancing can be beneficial for labor and has a viral Facebook post to prove his theory.

Dr. Fernando Guedes is no ordinary doctor, especially when it comes to delivering babies. He knows a little trick to help moms encourage labor. It is a lot of fun and perfectly healthy for the baby. Guedes choreographs different dance routines to do with his expectant mothers to encourage labor to begin.

His method was recently featured in a Facebook video on CafeMom’s page. The video has since gone viral. Mom to be Camila Rocha is in active labor as she dances alongside Dr. Guedes. The routine is full of rhythmic hip thrusts, shimmying, and squats. Rocha does not appear to be in pain at all. In fact, she looks as though she is having the time of her life.

Why Dancing Helps Labor

Who knew dancing could be so beneficial for giving birth? 💃 💃 💃 (via I Love Being a Mom)

Posted by CafeMom on Monday, December 11, 2017

As it turns out Guedes is spot on with his method as dancing really does help woman in labor and not just mentally, but physically as well. According to the Global Journal of Health Science, dancing while in labor will reduce the intensity of labor pains.

“Dancing in labor can use gravity to put pressure on the cervix, thus dilating faster,” Dr. Diana Ramos shared with CafeMom.

Although dancing being beneficial to labor may in theory seem like a crazy idea, it is a method followed around the world. There are educational classes moms-to-be can take in order to learn the right dance steps to induce labor. Yes, you can’t just bump and grind, there are certain motions that need to be made in order to put gravity on the cervix.

Dilation for Birth is the name of the class, which is available in four different countries including the United States. The instructors believe that “Dilation Gyration” makes the delivery shorter, easier, and safer.

Obviously before any expectant mother starts getting her groove on, she should consult her doctor. But, based on recent findings, there seems to be plenty of proof dancing is beneficial to labor. It is also important to remember each pregnancy and each woman are different, so the dancing method may not work every time.

If anyone out there has done the dance method during labor, please share your thoughts with us.

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