The Dangers Of Popcorn: Mom Warns Parents After Son Gets Pneumonia From Kernel

A little boy got Pneumonia from choking on a popcorn kernel. Doctors advise little kids stay away from popcorn.

VIA Nicole Goddard's Facebook

Nicole and Jake Goddard have three beautiful children. They sat down as a family and started watching "Mrs. Doubtfire."  Nicole popped some popcorn for all of her children and then sat down. Her 2 1/2 year old son, Nash, grabbed his little helping of popcorn and started eating. Nicole said that their movie turned nightmare when Nash started coughing on his popcorn and then he stopped breathing. Both Nicole and Jake ran over to him to start giving him the Heimlich, but then thankfully Nash took a deep breath. They both sighed in relief. The next day Nicole noticed that Nash continued coughing. He then started having a high fever. Nicole noticed that he was having a tough time breathing and so she started feeling like something was horribly wrong. She took him to the doctors.

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The doctors didn't like the way his lungs sounded and so they took an X-ray of his chest. They immediately scheduled him for a Bronchoscopy. Nicole said that she was all alone, because Jake had just left on a three day trip to Denver. She called Jake and the company he works for sent him straight home. Jake arrived right as Nash was waking up from surgery. The doctors found that the kernel of popcorn that he chocked on was the cause of all of the problems.

VIA Nicole Goddard's Facebook

When Nash had coughed on his popcorn kernel it aspirated into his lungs. When his body realized that a foreign object was in his lungs it started creating puss sockets around the kernel. Due to all of the inflammation from the puss pockets, his left lung developed severe Pneumonia. During the first surgery, the doctor removed six pieces of infection from his lungs. They re-did the procedure two days later and they were able to remove the rest of the infected parts in his lungs. After the second procedure Nash started recovering very quickly. He had to sit in a room for about an hour and receive oxygen, but then he was discharged.

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Apparently, children younger than five years old are advised not to eat popcorn. Although it may seem like a very non-threatening snack it can easily be choked on by younger children. Young children and babies can easily choke on the kernels. In this case, they can also inhale the kernels into their lungs. Parents are advised to be cautious about popcorn and be aware of snacks that are chocking hazards.

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