Daniel Craig Calls Raising His 1-Year Old Daughter With Rachel Weisz ‘Exhausting’

Daniel Craig admits that his one-year-old is very exhausting.

Parenting is very hard and exhausting! Being a parent is overwhelming, tiring, complicated and full of making things up as you go along. We often think that celebrity parents don't struggle with the same life challenges as the rest of us but they really do have a lot of the same things that they deal with as parents. Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz share a one-year-old daughter that she delivered in September 2018. They are very private about their daughter.

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Craig admitted that being a parent is hard work. “I’m exhausted,” the actor, 51, told Us Weekly and other reporters at the Los Angeles premiere of Knives Out on Thursday, November 14. Anybody knows that taking care of children is very taxing! Daniel also has a 25-year-old daughter named Ella who he had with his ex-wife Fiona Loudon. And Rachel has an older son named Henry who is 11 years old. She shares Henry with her ex Darren Aronofsky. Daniel shares how he doesn't think his daughter will be interested in seeing any of his movies when she gets older. “I doubt she’s going to be interested,” the English actor told Us on Thursday. “I don’t think so.”

Rachel announced that she was pregnant back in April 2018. “I’ll be showing soon,” the actress gushed at the time. “Daniel and I are so happy. We’re going to have a little human. We can’t wait to meet him or her. It’s all such a mystery.” It seems crazy to her that she is married because she never thought she was going to get married. When she was little she didn't imagine getting married and romance flicks never appealed to her. “It was not an ambition of mine. It was the opposite. I couldn’t relate to romantic comedies – marriage seems to be the whole point of them. Then it just happened, happily, at a more mature moment.”

It seems like the couple is done having children. Rachel is 49 and Daniel is 51 years old so they are certainly done having children. They have three children between them and that seems like a full family. Rachel keeps the information about her daughter very private and she also doesn't like to tell people about the details of her marriage. “He’s just too famous. … You have to protect your marriage. When you’re young, you tell your girlfriends everything. One of the great pleasures of not being an adolescent is that you don’t have to share everything. When you’re married, that door closes. The audience goes, and you’re in your own life.”

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