Danielle Fishel Says Baby Boy Born Early Is OK Despite Health Complications

Danielle Fishel just attended her first event since becoming a mom and she gave us all an update on how her little family has been. Her little boy was born five weeks early back in June and spent some time in the NICU.

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Now months later, her son is happy but he still has some underlying health issues. Fishel revealed that her son, with husband Jensen Karp, is meeting his physical and developmental milestones, but the family is still in and out of the hospital. Fishel was out attending American Humane Hero Dog Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, October 5th.

She stated to EOnline, " We're still dealing with health issues with him. We are still in and out of the hospital. We're still getting new test results all the time. It's still so hit and miss." She did also reveal that despite these setbacks, her son is happy and overall healthy. Little Adler Lawrence Karp is the first child for the couple and he was born five weeks and spent three long weeks in the NICU.

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He was born with fluid in his lungs and needed extra medical attention. Fishel kept his early birth and emotional NICU stay private until they left the hospital.

We all know and love Fishel from her iconic role as Topanga Lawrence in the 90s sitcom Boy Meets World. She also reprised the role for the spin-off series Girl Meets World. Since we pretty much grew up with her, we empathized with her during her unexpected early labor and subsequent NICU stay. Any NICU moms out there now how heartbreaking and sad a NICU stay can be. It's also often unexpected and comes as a shock.

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Sadly, Fishel's baby isn't alone with struggling with his health stemming from his early birth. Many premature babies deal with consistent health issues stemming from their early births. Studies have shown that babies born prematurely can feel the effects on their health and life into adulthood.

We wish Danielle, Jensen, and Adler the best and hope that Adler will continue to be healthy and live a normal, happy life.

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