Danielle Fishel Talks About Difficulty Of First Pregnancy

Danielle Fishel admitted one thing that many women can definitely agree on: pregnancy is not always a walk in the park. As a matter of fact, the television actress went on the record to say that she’s been feeling quite miserably lately in her pregnancy. Fishel is currently expecting her first child with husband Jensen Karp. The couple made their pregnancy announcement back in January.

The 38-year-old Boy Meets World star told Us Weekly in an interview that yes, she's feeling pretty miserable. Unfortunately, her situation won’t approve much as she's about to endure the hottest and most humid months of the calendar year during the last few weeks she has left of her third trimester.

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She told the publication, “I mean, I’m eight and a half months and when it’s over, it will not be over a day too soon, I can tell you that much.”

While Fishel has had good days and bad days, she’s thankful that she didn’t have to deal with any morning sickness during her first trimester, nor any indigestion. She also says that she’s sleeping pretty well, despite having to maneuver herself a lot in bed with her growing baby bump.

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The actress explained, “I’m sleeping pretty well. So I’m really lucky that way, and yet, it is still very uncomfortable to just be lugging around this much extra weight and just to be leading with your stomach. Once you really start showing, there’s no hiding it, so it’s the topic of conversation everywhere you go. You always feel like you want to give a positive and uplifting answer, and some days, you’re just like, ‘I’m over it. I’m just super uncomfortable and I’m over it.’”

Thankfully, Fishel says that her husband has been nothing but a great help throughout their pregnancy journey together. Not only has he been by her side, but he’s also been giving her nightly foot rubs and belly massages, which have definitely helped put her in a better mood. The massages also come with an added benefit, as it’s been keeping her skin soft. Luckily for Fishel, she also hasn’t seen any signs of stretch marks.

While there’s no doubt that Fishel is counting down the days until she gets to meet her little bundle of joy, she’s also very excited about the next chapter in her life: parenthood. With so much to learn, she’s absorbing everything that she can.

“I had one of those days yesterday. I feel like sometimes he’s clawing his way through my ab muscles, like, just separating my ab muscles, trying to peek his way out. And I’m like, ‘There’s, like, an alien growing inside me, but an alien that I already love.’”

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