Actor Danny Trejo Rescues Baby Trapped In Overturned Car

Danny Trejo valiantly rescued a baby trapped in an overturned car last Wednesday. The act of bravery was no stunt for a movie set; he truly ran in and saved a baby in danger. All his training from filming action movies kicked in, and it was truly a scene that could’ve been in the cinemas.

Trejo is a 75-year-old actor from Los Angeles. He is best known for playing villains or tough criminals in films such as Heat, Con Air, and Desperado. He has appeared on TV series as well: Breaking Bad, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Sons of Anarchy, just to name a few. All his experience in car chase scenes must have prepared him for this moment.

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He witnessed two vehicles crash into each other last Wednesday. The collision was so intense that one of the cars turned over. Inside that car was an infant still strapped to the car seat, so the baby had no way of getting out. Seeing the child in need, the actor jumped into the crash scene to try to get him out.

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At first, he attempted to crawl through the broken window. From that angle, however, he could not undo the seatbelt that was restraining the baby. Another bystander, Monica Jackson, saw him struggling and came to help as well. Together, they were able to free the child and get him away from the crash site. Authorities told the press that three people were taken to the hospital, but none of their injuries were life-threatening.

Trejo believes in putting good out into the world, and that’s the only time it will come back to you. He told KABC that everything good that has happened in his life was a direct result of helping someone else. Whether it’s saving a baby from a car accident or just giving directions to a lost stranger, being kind to others will certainly bring good energy back to you. Even if you don’t believe in karma, these acts of kindness greatly impact both the other person’s life and your mental health. It’s good for your self-esteem to know that you are a good person and that you’ve made a positive mark on another person’s life.

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