'MasterChef Junior' Judge Daphne Oz Discusses Her 'Hardest' Pregnancy

As Daphne Oz wraps up being a part of the judges' panel in the latest season of Masterchef Junior, she shares the experience of her fourth pregnancy and her journey as a mother.

The 33-year old famous foodie and former The Chew host told People, "I don't want to gloss [over] the parts that are challenging." Though it is the most challenging pregnancy for her, she is trying to keep her spirits high by taking good care of herself or by finding clothes that best fit her.

Daughter of TV favorite Dr. Mehmet Oz, Daphne, a mom to 5-year-old Philomena Bijou, 20-month-old Domenica Celine, 3½-year-old Jovan Jr., is expecting a baby girl later this year. To deal with the pregnancy blues, she is trying to stay active and eat as healthy as possible.

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Speaking about her busy schedule, she adds, "Being on my feet all the time; it can be kind of crazy." But she also feels that it's good as "It's been so much fun here on set that it has just flown by. It's kept me really distracted and active."

This super busy mom also feels daunted at times. Off-camera she says, "I've been pregnant four times in five years now. On the one hand, your body is so resilient; it's truly incredible what the human body is capable of. But on the other, it's like, ‘Whoa, can you give me a break for a second?'"

Oz explains how each pregnancy has helped her to evolve and cherish a different version of motherhood. But, this pregnancy has been entirely different for her, mainly because of issues with varicose veins. When one of her fans observed her legs in an Instagram post, she revealed, "Yep, it's all my varicose veins from pregnancy — they mostly go away after I give birth, but they've been worse this time than ever before so we shall see!"

But nothing deters her positive energy, and she laughs off her challenges, saying she will need to wear a lot of long dresses in the coming days. Oz is a part of an incredible community of mothers who are in the same stage of life. When she discusses her problems with them or listens to them, she feels better as she realizes that she is not the only one going through this phase in life.

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She also spoke about her family life and praised her husband John Jovanovic for being her perfect companion. "Especially being parents to young kids, and lots of them, you just have to realize that if you can't laugh about half of the crazy stuff that happens, then you're just going to be at a loss."

The couple got married in 2010, and they share a healthy relationship which motivates them work through all challenges together.

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