Daphne Oz Shows Off Post-Baby Body After Birth Of Baby Number 4

MasterChef Junior judge, Daphne Oz, is 10 weeks postpartum and she shares her post-pregnancy body while she is at the gym!

Daphne Oz posted a picture on her Instagram of her wearing a green sports bra and leggings with a treadmill in the background. Daphne captions her post “Everyone starts somewhere #10weekspostpartum just got sweaty and it felt so GOOD!” She admitted that she hasn't really worked out since having her daughter. She said, “Only my second real workout since having Gigi. I’m not in a rush, I just want to start to feel my core again and strength in my skin, consistency and baby steps get it done,” she shared, adding the hashtags #onmyway and #herewego.

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The Dish on Oz co-host and her husband John Jovanovic welcomed their fourth child in August. They named their sweet daughter Giovanna “Gigi” Ines.  The couple also has two other daughters Domenica Celine, 23 months and Philomena Bijou, 5 1/2. They also have one son, Jovan Jr. 4. The older kids are in love with Gigi and can't get enough of her cuteness.

Before Oz gave birth to her daughter she had admitted that her fourth pregnancy was definitely the hardest pregnancy on her physically. She had a very tough pregnancy and she struggled throughout the entire thing. She said that the only way that she has been able to deal with the hardships is to take care of herself. She has had to make sure to spend time with her and have some "me time." She said that it's the little things that helped her cope with the struggles, like buying a new outfit that fits her pregnant body. “It’s physically daunting,” Oz added. “I’ve been pregnant four times in five years now. On the one hand, your body is so resilient, it’s truly incredible what the human body is capable of. But on the other, it’s like, ‘Whoa, can you give me a break for a second?’"

Even though it is her fourth child she has already received some mom-shaming. Some haters attacked her for kissing her baby Gigi on the lips. It is a shame that Oz had to defend herself. “Lots of ppl don’t kiss babies on the mouth but I do because a) I love it and b) I believe it helps to transfer a small dose of my germs for her body to practice healthy immune response (with the help of my breast milk too),” she wrote on her Instagram Story, along with a video of her and Gigi bonding.

Well, Daphne, we think you are rocking this whole motherhood thing and you look great! Keep up the great work and ignore your haters! And you shouldn't feel in any rush to get back to your pre-pregnancy body!

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